Bluestreak Unveils 3D Flash® User Experiences for STBs and Mobiles

Friday, September 11th, 2009

MONTREAL — IBC 2009 Booth #IP-613 — Bluestreak Technology Inc., the leader in open Flash® platforms for wired and wireless devices, today unveiled support for new 3D Flash user experiences that offer consumers visually dynamic ways to search for and discover multimedia content and web services on their television set-top boxes and mobile devices. With the availability of this new feature in their MachBlue™ platform, Bluestreak Technology becomes the first company to extend the capabilities of Adobe® Flash technology to display rich, 3D user interfaces and applications with High Definition (HD) video across a wide variety of memory and resource constrained devices.

“Consumer demand for 3D user experiences continues to increase as more people become exposed to the rich graphics and animations that three-dimensional modeling provides,” said Dominique Jodoin, Bluestreak Technology CEO and President. “Unfortunately, the hardware necessary to deliver rich 3D experiences, across resource constrained set-top boxes and mobile phones, was not previously available in the marketplace. Today, we are pleased to announce that Bluestreak Technology now provides the platform features necessary to make this 3D vision a reality on mobile and digital home devices everywhere.”

The new user experiences will be unveiled at the IBC 2009 conference and exhibition in Amsterdam, September 10th-15th, 2009. Demonstrations will be available in the Bluestreak Technology booth #IP-613 in the IPTV Zone at IBC 2009 and will include a:

  • 3D user interface for the digital home – Bluestreak Technology, along with several of its partners, will be showcasing an off-the-shelf solution for deploying advanced 3D HD user interfaces on IPTV set-top boxes. The technology reduces time to market and offers superior performance, even across low-end set-top boxes, by using hardware acceleration technologies including OpenGL and OpenVG APIs. Bluestreak Technology combined its innovative MachBlue™ Platform’s 3D Flash extensions with HD user interface and video capabilities to deliver this new and interactive television experience. Live demonstrations are available in the Bluestreak Technology booth as well as the following booths at the IBC 2009 conference:
    • Orca Interactive: Booth #2.B40
    • Viaccess: Booth #1.A51
    • Pace plc: Booth #1.B19
    • Broadcom: Booth #5.A10
    • httv: Booth #1.C93
  • 3D mobile television menu guide – Bluestreak Technology will expand on the success of Orange World TV, the award-winning entertainment programming guide launched by Bluestreak Technology, by demonstrating an enhanced user interface for mobile TV that incorporates 3D visual effects and menus. The new guide provides wireless operators with innovative 3D animation capabilities for improving entertainment content discovery and mobile TV service adoption on many of today’s leading wireless devices.
  • Pause on Call time-shifting application for live mobile TV – Bluestreak Technology and Anevia, a leader in video streaming solutions and service infrastructure for live TV and Video on Demand (VOD), will showcase the Pause on Call mobile application which automatically pauses viewing when a call arrives, allowing the subscriber to choose to take the call or not. When the call is finished, the subscriber resumes viewing where the program paused, with no loss of content. Live demonstrations are available in the Bluestreak Technology booth as well as Anevia booth #4.C56.