S3 Integrates the VisualOn Mobile TV Player on GIGABYTE GSmart T600

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Silicon and Software Systems (S3) and VisualOn Inc., a leading supplier of advanced software codecs and multimedia applications for the mobile market, announced today that S3 has integrated its onHandTV™ client with VisualOn’s Mobile TV solution onto a number of devices including the GIGABYTE GSmart T600.

S3’s market leading onHandTV™ client delivers all the key software required to rapidly deploy Mobile TV devices compliant with emerging broadcast, multicast and unicast standards. Supporting both BCAST and IPDC standards, S3’s onHandTV guarantees interoperability with all of the existing commercial DVB-H networks and key technology suppliers in the mobile DTV ecosystem. VisualOn’s Mobile TV solution delivers the high quality audio and video playback consumers expect when they watch TV at home or on the move. VisualOn’s software delivers a complete high performance player, from IP parsing through to rendering of the H.264 video and AAC+ audio content for playback on the mobile device. It enables Mobile TV on ARM9 based platforms, such as SmartPhones, Personal Navigation Devices (PND) and PDAs. VisualOn’s solution includes highly optimized software codecs capable of playing up to 30fps of H.264 video and AAC+ audio. VisualOn’s Mobile TV is a multi standard solution and includes support for DVB-H, DVB-T, T-DMB, DMB-T/H, and ISDB-T.

“Mobile TV is a consumer driven market, and today’s consumers are demanding a high quality TV experience with advanced functionality representative of next generation TV, such as services like video on demand. The performance and portability of VisualOn’s solution is helping us to rapidly deploy our Operator Branded client applications across a range of mobile devices. The cooperation utilizes the best core competencies of both companies to deliver solutions to consumers that take quality and functionality to the next level in Mobile TV,” said John Maguire, General Manager of Consumer Mobile for S3.

“Because of their busy schedules, consumers are demanding even greater flexibility when it comes to watching television. Mobile TV offers unmatched flexibility, however it has traditionally lacked the quality and advanced functionality offered while watching television at home,” said Yang Cai, CEO of VisualOn. “By combining our high quality player with S3’s advanced ESG functionality, we have been able to bring the home viewing experience to the mobile TV market.”

VisualOn and S3 will be unveiling their new combined solution at IBC 2007, in Amsterdam, Netherlands from September 6 – 10, 2007.

Links: Silicon & Software Systems Ltd. (S3); VisualOn; GIGABYTE Communications