Nagravision Demonstrates World's First Fully Compliant OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile Solution Supporting both DVB SimulCrypt and ISMACryp

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Nagravision Smartcard Profile Solution Powers T-Systems Media&Broadcast DVB-H Encryption Showcase at IBC

  • Nagravision demonstrates world’s first fully compliant OMA BCAST smartcard profile solution supporting both DVB SimulCrypt and ISMACryp standards
  • The Nagravision OMA BCAST smartcard profile solution is available now for deployments and provides all the functions needed to protect the broadcasted services and content
  • The new solution supports both the BMCO launch and OMA BCAST profiles and is powering T-Systems Media&Broadcast DVB-H Encryption Showcase at IBC

Amsterdam, Netherlands — IBC2007 Nagravision — Kudelski Group Stand #1.461 – Nagravision, a Kudelski Group (SWX:KUD) company announced today that it’s powering the T-Systems Media&Broadcast IBC DVB-H encryption showcase with the world’s first fully compliant OMA BCAST smartcard profile solution to support both DVB SimulCrypt and ISMACryp. Samsung handsets display content and demonstrate interoperability with a head-end that is fully compliant with the OMA BCAST and BMCO launch profiles.

The OMA BCAST smartcard profile is an open standardised SIM-based service protection system defined by OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) members including mobile operators, device and network suppliers, and content providers.

Martin Boegelsack, DVB-H Project Leader of T-Mobile Czech Republic, said: “We analyzed the Smartcard Profile stream T-Systems Media&Broadcast [MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH] and verified that it followed the standards between head-end and mobile phone as defined.”

The solution demonstrated at IBC places T-Systems Media&Broadcast and Nagravision into a unique, leading position. They were the first companies to have shown a complete mobile TV playout platform, with ISMACryp, DVB SimulCrypt, ESG, key streams and content streams, allowing a live stream to be encrypted and then visualized on a handset like an OMA BCAST enabled Samsung P910.

Nagravision is now offering a comprehensive solution suite supporting both OMA BCAST Smartcard profile and DVB Open Security Framework standards. This suite enables T-Systems Media&Broadcast and other broadcast or mobile network operators to create and deliver attractive mobile TV services to the widest range of terminals for broadcast and mobile networks.

Prof. Dr. Claus Sattler, CEO of the BMCO Forum, stated: “It is great to see here at the IBC how the industry has responded to the initiatives of the BMCO Forum so that it is today possible to have the first mobile TV signals fully encrypted and decrypted by means of OMA BCAST Smartcard Profile. What is shown here at the IBC is a major milestone for the introduction of mobile TV services in most European countries.”

“After providing the security for the world’s first commercial mobile TV systems with Hutchison 3G, Vodafone and Telecom Italia Mobile in Italy, and soon with PMSI’s Dream TV in the Philippines, Nagravision has realized the next steps in their ambitious roadmap to provide comprehensive service security platforms to mobile TV,” said Jean-Luc Jaquier, VP, Marketing & Sales, Mobile TV at Nagravision. “The T-Systems Media&Broadcast playout platform for mobile pay-TV supporting the Nagravision smartcard profile solution has now become the prime cornerstone for many mobile TV operators to secure business models and revenue streams.”

The first successful interoperability tests (IOT) with mobile TV devices have been completed with Nagravision’s latest security system following the OMA BCAST smartcard profile standard and that solution is ready for deployments. The Nagravision OMA BCAST smartcard profile takes the next step to secure the operator permanent revenue streams with highly sophisticated security platforms. The platform is based on well proven, mature technologies that have been successfully used in the pay-TV market. With the Nagravision platform, an operator remains in full control and ownership of the subscriber.

The Nagravision OMA BCAST smartcard profile platform supports the standard DVB SimulCrypt interface. This enables the operator to run DVB OSF (Open Standard Framework) and OMA BCAST smartcard profile service protection at the same time with the same platform. This also allows a broadcaster to repurpose its mobile TV infrastructure for a multitude of operators who offer their mobile TV services independently from each other.

The Nagravision platform provides all the functions needed to protect the broadcasted services and content. It is available today as an extension to existing Nagravision CAS integrations or as a stand-alone platform.