IRIB (TAKTA) launches DVB-H mobile TV trial in Iran using SIDSA's POLAR PLUS Platform

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
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POLAR PLUS platform will distribute 16 TV channels to Teheran

The Islamic Republic of Iran is jumping on the International DVB-H bandwagon with the Spanish company SIDSA, an International DVB technology provider, leading the project.

The Iranian national broadcaster “IRIB” and affiliated company “Takta”, is launching the first Iran’s DVB-H mobile TV trial through SIDSA’s POLAR PLUS Head-end. Initially covering Tehran but with plans to extend it to the whole country in a later phase, the network will distribute 16 TV channels from Intelsat and Eutelsat satellites to Sagem DVB-H-equipped mobile phones.

The channels are IRIB1 PER, IRIB 2 PER, IRINN, AL-Alam, IRIB, IRIB Quran and Press TV, from Eutelsat (Hot Bird), and IRIB TV1, IRIB TV 2, IRIB TV3, IRIB TV4, IRIB TV 5, IRIB 3, IRIB Amouzesh TV, Azarbayejan TV, Fars TV and Khalij Fars TV from Intelsat satellites.

This is the third International DVB-H mobile TV trial led by SIDSA following the successful launch of a similar network in the Russian Federation, where commercial DVB-H services are already under way, and the Axión (TDF group) trial in Seville.

POLAR PLUS meets all DVB standards and is the most interoperable platform in the market. It includes all the necessary equipment for the service – Head-end with the ESG (the Electronic Service Guide) and Conditional Access System- to enable DVB-H mobile TV broadcasts, including free and pay-TV services.

SIDSA is strengthening its position in the International DVB-H mobile TV market and has just announced the opening of two new offices in Moscow and Hong Kong.