Mobile DTV Marketplace Showcases Consumer Technology Advances at 2010 NAB Show

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Showplace for Mobile DTV Consumer Devices Co-Sponsored by ATSC, CEA, OMVC, NAB

LAS VEGAS — The Mobile Digital TV Marketplace at the NAB Show here this week is showcasing the wide variety of mobile digital television (DTV) consumer products coming in 2010, ranging from mobile phones and accessories, to USB receivers, in-vehicle displays, personal computers, portable TVs, and much more.

Under the banner “Experience the Power of Local Broadcast TV On the Go,” the Mobile DTV Marketplace is jointly organized by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), and the Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC).

The Marketplace highlights the growing number of products developed by leading companies to receive the robust new signals based on the ATSC Mobile DTV Standard for broadcasting DTV to mobile and handheld devices. Products from more than a dozen companies will be on display in the Mobile DTV Marketplace, including:

Mobile DTVs. From LG Electronics is a new portable DTV built on a portable DVD player platform — the first consumer product to be certified under the new ATSC Mobile DTV Certification Mark program. Pixtree is also showing a Portable DVD product equipped with Mobile DTV reception capability.

Netbooks and Tablets. Bringing mobile DTV reception for the first time to netbooks is Dell, which is showing the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 that combines ATSC Mobile DTV, WiFi and broadband capabilities for a wide array of mobile video applications. Dell also is featuring other new devices, including a table computer with a 5-inch screen and Mobile DTV capability.

Mobile Phones. A specially modified, non-commercial prototype version of the “Moment” mobile phone from Samsung Mobile is a CDMA handset with ATSC Mobile DTV capability. It will be a featured device beginning in May at the Washington, D.C. Consumer Showcase that will involve hundreds of consumers. Also shown in the DTV Marketplace is a GSM handset from LG Mobile Phones, the “Maize” prototype already widely used by broadcasters on the air with Mobile DTV signals.

USB Receivers. Among the first Mobile DTV products to reach consumers will be tiny USB receivers that will pick up Mobile DTV signals and allow a laptop or other mobile internet device with a USB connection to receive and display Mobile DTV programs. USB Receivers will be featured from DTV Interactive, iMovee, and Hauppauge.

Specialized Accessories. Valups is showing the new Tivizen, a credit-card sized Mobile DTV receiver that beams TV signals to an awaiting Wi-Fi device like the iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, or laptop. Cydle is demonstrating its new i30A designed specifically for the iPhone, which offers Mobile DTV reception and battery backup for the iPhone in a clip-on case.

Automotive. SKE will show a Mobile DTV receiver for the car that can transform an in-car video screen into a Mobile Digital Television. iMovee will show a GPS receiver that double as a Mobile DTV display.

Services. Electronic Service Guide providers EXPWAY and Roundbox will both be showing their solutions that will speed navigation by viewers to their favorite channels while offering web-like click-through banners that can be used for advertising, public service announcements, and even polling. MobiTV will feature their mixTV service that blends broadcast and unicast media delivery to show free over-the-air content combined with Video On Demand and local services such as weather and traffic, interactive and dynamic advertising with click-throughs and socially engaging features like real-time voting to provide direct feedback on hot topics.

Joining senior executives of ATSC, CEA and OMVC to cut the ribbon on the Mobile DTV Marketplace, NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith said, “Mobile DTV is a prime example of innovative broadcasting applications for the benefit of the public, and we’re proud to collaborate with these impressive partner organizations to tell the world all about this continuing technology success story. This impressive new exhibit showcases the rapid progress made toward bringing local broadcast mobile DTV service to the consumer marketplace.”