OMVC Updates Device Profiles, Conditional Access Information, Audience Measurement Details

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

New Guidelines for Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Published to Guide Deployment of Mobile Digital TV; OMVC’s Mobile DTV Forum Offers Updated Device Profiles, Conditional Access Information, Audience Measurement Details

WASHINGTON ­- The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) today announced the availability of three key documents that will guide the deployment of Mobile Digital Television throughout the U.S. Working with device manufacturers through their participation in the OMVC’s Mobile DTV Forum, and in collaboration with broadcasters and other stakeholders in the Mobile DTV ecosystem, OMVC has developed Receiver Profile Guidelines to provide directional guidance to consumer electronics manufacturers on the device features and functionalities that will help ensure robust reception capability and interoperability with services offered by TV broadcasters. Two new elements of the guidelines were also announced today.

“These guidelines provide two Mobile DTV receiver profiles. The first profile represents a basic Mobile DTV receiver that can receive broadcast transmissions and that is interoperable with real–time linear Mobile DTV broadcast services. The second profile represents an enhanced Mobile DTV receiver that includes all the basic elements plus many of the advanced features and functionalities that many consumers are expecting. While the two profiles are similar, we expect that many manufacturers will be more interested in the advanced capabilities,” said Anne Schelle, Executive Director of the OMVC, which represents more than 900 broadcast TV stations throughout the U.S. as well as various equipment manufacturers through the organization’s MDTV Forum.

First published last fall, the Receiver Profile Guidelines now include two additional documents:

  • Conditional Access (CAS) Addendum. This contains minimum suggested requirements for receivers designed to support service protection.
  • Audience Data Gathering and Reporting Recommendations Addendum. This document describes the structure and content of the data elements of a “Consumption Data Unit” (CDU) to be produced by each ATSC Mobile DTV device for the broadcaster–managed audience measurement system.