Mirics Launches GPU-Accelerated Broadcast TV Solutions for Desktop PCs

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
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USmart to Deliver Integrated Solutions for Inno3D Add-In Graphics Cards

HONG KONG — Mirics today announced the launch of its multi-standard broadcast TV solution connected to graphics add-in-card products. Mirics’ Hong-Kong based partner, USmart has developed solutions using FlexiTV, the world’s first commercial software-based global TV receiver, enabling GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)-based integration into Inno3D-branded NVIDIA® GeForce® products from ASK Technology Group Ltd. The initial products being launched this quarter will target regions widely served by the DVB-T and ISDB-T digital TV standards.

“Integrating broadcast TV to Inno3D GPU products is a terrific addition that appeals to our customers,” said Matthew Ho, Engineering Director, ASK Technology. “Being first to bring this capability to market and taking advantage of the power of NVIDIA CUDA™ architecture to accelerate the Mirics solution made FlexiTV the perfect complement to our existing products.”

“Bringing FlexiTV to market in conjunction with graphics add-in cards is a natural fit,” said Jay Nunez, Vice President of WW Sales and Marketing, Mirics. “The flexibility of software-based TV and ability to leverage the processing power of the GPU make this a must-have upgrade for consumers seeking not only the best in graphics realism but also to access live digital broadcast TV on their desktop PC.”

This novel integration with GPU products is achieved through an innovative daughter-card that attaches to a graphics add-in card combined with software drivers that enable regional broadcast standards, allowing for a truly global solution as digital standards roll out worldwide. USmart Electronic Products Ltd. is delivering the daughter-card solution designed for integration with leading GPU products. Ben Wong, CEO, USmart stated: “When we partnered with Mirics, we saw great opportunities for bringing broadcast TV to the PC. Launching this GPU-accelerated solution presents a terrific opportunity for consumers to not only add great graphics power to their systems, but get instant access to live TV in time for some of the great sporting events coming this summer.”

Mirics and its partners will be showing the new GPU-integrated solutions with its commercial partners at a launch event in Shenzhen, China on April 22nd, 2010. Interested parties including consumer and technology press looking to attend can get more information on the event by contacting press@mirics.com.