Charter turns to itaas for EBIF platform support

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010
Charter Communications logo

itaas has licensed the TVWorks ETV platform to Charter for EBIF deployment

ATLANTA, GA and ST. LOUIS, MO — itaas, Inc. and Charter Communications (NASDAQ:CCMM) today announced an agreement that includes licensing, installation and support for the TVWorks ETV platform. This agreement includes the EBIF user agent, Pathway Communications Suite, and the OCAP Services Library (OSL) components of the interactive platform. The way is now paved for Charter to begin deployment of interactive advertising and services across various digital set tops (STBs).

“The TVWorks EBIF platform is a key component for providing new interactive applications to our customers,” said Doug Ike, Charter Vice President of Advanced Video and Applications Engineering.

“Licensing and supporting EBIF deployment to MSOs such as Charter is critical to increasing the footprint of EBIF enabled set tops and is an integral part of the itaas EBIF offering,” said Jaspal Bhasin, COO of itaas. “This is a natural extension of our iTV commitment that helps accelerate the pace of deployment and provide rich interactive to consumers faster.”

itaas specializes in “interapptivity”, facilitating the development and deployment of application content across multiple platforms. itaas’ portfolio of services includes a full range of software design, development, integration, deployment and support services for MSOs, Programmers, Application Developers and Technology Providers. In addition, itaas supports the development and deployment of interactive applications and services through the istart developer program. This program offers SDKs and support for Time Warner Cable’s MDN, ODN and MAS software, Cisco’s SARA/PowerTV and OCAP Axiom, FourthWall Media’s EBIF user agent and the TVWorks ETV platform. Recently, itaas also announced support for enhancements to the SARA guide and testing services for uDTA devices.