Latens Systems and Minerva Networks Announce First Successful CAS Deployment in a Distributed Network at Com Net

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
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Com Net content is encrypted using the Latens FCAS system and managed by Minerva’s iTVManager platform for 16 affiliate ILECs

ATLANTA, Ga. — Latens Systems, a pioneer and leading supplier of dynamic, software-based Conditional Access, today announced that Com Net Inc., an Ohio-based company offering advanced telecommunication services to 16 Independent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs), is successfully managing and distributing encrypted content to its affiliates using one centralized Latens FCAS system. Content is encrypted at Com Net’s central headend before being decrypted at each set-top box in the network. Entitlements in each ILEC network are independently managed by Minerva’s iTVManager platform through its integration with Latens FCAS.

“Latens FCAS allows us to manage the security and encryption of our content centrally while giving each of our 16 affiliates the flexibility to manage their own network using the Minerva iTV Manager platform,” says Randall Plaisier, CTO, Com Net, Inc. “Operators can now individually manage their own customer databases and content offering while meeting the content owner community requirement that decryption only takes place at the set-top box.”

“Managing changes in entitlements through multiple middleware platforms is fairly complex when using one CAS system. Individual middleware frameworks might experience daily customer profiles and content changes by each affiliate. We also had to ensure that Com Net satisfies the programmers’ requirements for 100% encryption at all times. The fact that Latens FCAS is a robust CAS solution made this so much easier,” said Dean Kashlan, GM and VP Americas, Latens Systems. “We look forward to continuing to provide innovations to meet Com
Net’s future plans.”

“The unique integration of Latens FCAS with Minerva’s iTVManager platform provides Com Net with a secure, scalable and cost-effective IPTV solution for its distributed architecture,” stated Matt Cuson, VP of Product Marketing, Minerva Networks. “We’re seeing a growing interest among smaller operators to band together to lower infrastructure and operating costs. Minerva’s ability to segment service areas by region and Latens’ advanced distributed security architecture are well suited for Com Net’s environment.”

The Latens FCAS system is a next generation, standards compliant conditional access system optimized for the broadband IPTV market and designed to maximize the revenue earned and retained by service providers. Latens’ highly scalable FCAS solution is technically advanced and provides operators with unsurpassed levels of security and flexibility.