Cincinnati Bell Launches Motorola Multi-Room DVR to Subscribers

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
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Innovative solution delivers whole-home rich media experience while lowering service provider costs

HORSHAM, Pa. — The Mobile Devices and Home business of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) announced today that Cincinnati Bell (NYSE: CBB) is now deploying Motorola’s market leading multi-room digital video recorder (MR-DVR) solution to its subscribers. The MR-DVR solution, which employs a whole-home media software application running on a combination of up to eight DVR and non-DVR DCX all-digital high definition set-top boxes, enables Cincinnati Bell subscribers to pause live TV, record and play back content, and manage their aggregate recorded library and DVR settings on any set-top in the home, even if it is not a DVR set-top.

“We recognize that winning new video subscribers is becoming more challenging as new competition emerges. Our subscribers expect us to deliver high quality content and innovative services, and this latest MR-DVR solution from Motorola allows us to do that,” explained Darrick Zucco, vice president and general manager of Cincinnati Bell’s wireline services. “Consumers love the flexibility DVRs provide, and we are excited about working with Motorola to take that DVR experience throughout the home. Motorola’s solution gives us a cost-effective way to quickly extend our brand while offering service packages that appeal to broader audiences, which helps grow our business.”

Motorola’s MR-DVR solution operates over the existing home coax wiring using Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA ®) technology, creating an IP network throughout the home that enables seamless and intuitive time-shifting and place-shifting of video content. The subscriber experience is enhanced with powerful bookmarking capabilities, such as unique bookmarks for each room in the house as well as the ability to retrieve bookmarks set in other rooms. Also, parents can rest assured that their children will only have access to designated content because existing set-top parental controls are automatically adopted by the MR-DVR software application.

“As evidenced in Motorola’s recent Media Engagement Barometer research, consumer demand for access to video content anytime, anywhere is increasing tremendously. As a result, service providers such as Cincinnati Bell must find new ways to deliver advanced video services that keep them competitive while meeting consumers’ expectations,” said Larry Robinson, vice president and general manager, Motorola Mobile Devices and Home. “Motorola’s MR-DVR solution offers a compelling and differentiated subscriber experience that will help drive revenue growth on the top line while reducing equipment costs that will help improve profit on the bottom line.”

The television industry is moving into the “Internet Era of TV”, and Motorola’s rich history of innovation and demonstrated leadership is ideal for helping service providers make the transition. Motorola is focused on delivering solutions that create compelling media experiences, connect people to content that matters, and generate revenue growth for service providers. For more information on Motorola’s MR-DVR solution and DCX set-top portfolio, please visit here.