Post and Telecom of Kosovo to launch IPTV

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

PRISHTINA — IPTV media package is a new project of Telecom of Kosovo, which will be launched in October of this year, while the first tests will be done by the end of September.

The new service will offer not only high quality but also a variety of national and international television programs, so as to satisfy all the customer demands.

“Telecom of Kosovo has over 90 thousand customers, who can gain access to IPTV service, which shall be provided at very high quality through new technology, far from competition”, said Menduh Abazi, Director of Corporate Communication Department at a press conference.

As of the second part of October, all interested customers could begin to enter into contracts with PTK and benefit from this new service, at very affordable prices.

IPTV will be offered to all residents of Kosovo. This service will be provided through optic fibers in the cities, while it will be sent to houses through existing fixed cables.

“Customers will have in a single bill all the charges for fixed phone, television services and soon for the mobile phones”, explained Mr. Abazi.
This service shall use the most recent technology, which is already in the IPTV market around the world, which shall enable provision of 60 local and international channels, to include at least ten High Definition (HD) channels.

According to Abazi, PTK will be extremely attractive in providing this service, which will enable PTK to increase the number of new customers, who have expected such a service for a long time. This service could not be realized due to disregard of investments with Telecom of Kosovo in the past.

This is a major action of the current management of PTK to supporting investments in the Telecom of Kosovo, so that this unit becomes much more profitable.

This big project and other projects that are being prepared by Vala business unit, on the verge of privatization, will enhance the value of the corporation.