UniqCast implements video streaming service for Telecom Kosovo

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 
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UniqCast Modernizes Telecom Kosovo’s TV Services

  • Introducing Cutting-Edge IPTV/OTT Solution to Enhance Customer Experience and Fuel Business Growth

UniqCast, a renowned industry leader specializing in turnkey IPTV/OTT solutions, has been awarded a competitive public tender with international bidders to implement a premium video streaming service for Telecom Kosovo. This strategic partnership delivered a comprehensive on-site end-to-end OTT system, transforming the TV service market in Kosovo.

This collaboration between UniqCast and Telecom Kosovo delivers Telecom Kosovo’s vision of transforming the TV service market in Kosovo. With Telecom Kosovo as the incumbent operator, this project holds great significance in enhancing service quality for customers. By embracing state-of-the-art OTT technology, Telecom Kosovo aims to provide an immersive TV experience, making it easier for customers to access their favorite content anytime, anywhere.

Replacing the existing IPTV infrastructure with a cutting-edge IPTV/OTT platform does not only enhance the service for the existing customers within Telecom Kosovo’s own network but will also be available outside the network via the OTT service. Telecom Kosovo pioneered its advanced IPTV service nearly 15 years ago. However, as the market requirements and technology advancements have evolved over the years, an upgrade to their existing IPTV infrastructure has become necessary. By leveraging advanced technologies, Telecom Kosovo enhanced performance, quality, and competitiveness while reducing costs and expanding service accessibility.

The adoption of the new IPTV/OTT platform does not only improve the customer experience but also drives business growth for Telecom Kosovo. With an on-site end-to-end system, including satellite receivers, OTT transcoders, content and subscriber management system, origin servers with streaming/CDN, STBs, and client applications, Telecom Kosovo has the infrastructure necessary to deliver superior television services.

The implementation of the new OTT solution enables Telecom Kosovo to leverage the increasing internet usability by offering advanced services across multiple devices, including smart TVs, Android TV, Android STBs, web and mobile applications.

For this project, Telecom Kosovo was looking for a reliable partner who would provide responsive support and continuous development of the platform. In the process of modernization of the existing IPTV platform, its limitations were addressed by adding the latest, popular features, providing continuous support, and adding the latest, widely available STBs for service delivery.

Furthermore, the adoption of the OTT platform significantly reduced STB-related costs. Additionally, customers with smart TVs will be able to access the content through Telecom’s application, eliminating the need for additional STBs.

“We are committed to providing our customers with superior quality and an exceptional user experience. The implementation of the new OTT platform is a crucial step towards enhancing our TV services. UniqCast offered the most advanced technical and cost-effective solution with the shortest time to market” said Avni Tafilaj, Director of Marketing, Sales and Customer Care at Kosovo Telecom J.S.C.

“We are thrilled that Telecom Kosovo trusted our expertise and capabilities for this project. With a proven track record of assisting telco operators worldwide in replacement projects of IPTV/OTT platforms, we are excited to bring our knowledge and experience to benefit Telecom Kosovo” concluded Darko Robič, CEO at UniqCast.

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