HT Eronet chooses IPTV/OTT platform from UniqCast

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022 
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HT Eronet Chooses UniqCast to Provide an Integrated IPTV/OTT Platform

HT Eronet, one of the three national Telco operators in Bosnia Herzegovina, upgraded its video streaming service with a state-of-the-art IPTV / OTT platform from UniqCast.

HT Eronet had legacy IPTV middleware and STBs from the early days of the IPTV that was lacking modern UX/UI as well as certain features. Legacy technology and the complexity of the solution made it harder to be maintained. HT Eronet wanted to provide the best video experience to their subscribers, that’s why a decision was made to look for a new system.

One of the important prerequisites was an Android-based STB solution, to offer different apps as well as premium UX to the users. Additionally, it was important for HT Eronet the ability to keep using existing Linux STBs in the intermediate period.

UniqCast, as a leading provider of turnkey IPTV/OTT solutions, experienced in similar replacement projects, was a natural choice. UniqCast provided flexibility in terms of the requirements HT Eronet had and the ability to adapt to the existing environment. Furthermore, UniqCast delivered an OTT and IPTV platform, including content and subscriber management system, origin and edge streaming servers for IPTV and OTT, multiscreen client applications, fast channel change and error correction system, DRM, TV statistics, and monitoring. The solution also included a disaster recovery setup and integration with a data warehouse.

“We did an extensive evaluation of possible vendors and UniqCast was one of the rare vendors that really listened to us and understood our problems. They provided us with the modern IPTV / OTT platform with all required components and migration procedures, which gave us confidence in their team and in their ability to perform such a complex replacement.”, said Mr. Damir Oršolić, Project Manager of the IPTV Transformation at HT Eronet, “As a result, today we are providing a modern video service to our subscribers and are looking forward to the introduction of further enhancements.”

In the process, UniqCast acted as a vendor and system integrator and took on the responsibility of integrating the full solution including STB devices and chosen remote controls. Main integration work was focused on the introduction of Android STB in the IPTV environment, including fast channel zapping, DRM, and Teletext support.

“Being a vendor and system integrator gives us the required flexibility to complete such complex projects. I’m very proud that HT Eronet recognized that in UniqCast and we were able to help them with the replacement.” said Mr. Darko Robič, CEO of UniqCast, “We share a common goal with HT Eronet, providing premium user experience to the viewers and I look forward to continued cooperation.“

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