MeeVu debuts OTT PaaS for Eastern European telcos with UniqCast

Monday, December 20th, 2021 
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MeeVu, a new B2B multi-tenant OTT PaaS is welcoming new operators from Eastern Europe

MeeVu offers network operators from Eastern Europe the opportunity to launch multiscreen, interactive TV and bring added value to their customers.

Leveraging UniqCast technology that provides live TV, catch-up TV, on-demand video, 4K content, and multitenant capabilities MeeVu is an ideal platform for telecom operators, internet service providers, and other content owners who are looking for a solution that offers them a cost-efficient entry into the interactive TV market as well as the ability to keep their CAPEX in check.

Since its inception, MeeVu has welcomed its first tenant on the Platform where ASTA-NET S.A., a cable TV operator and internet provider in northern Poland, has launched MeeVu TV, a modern TV service available on Android set-top boxes and mobile devices.

‍“The whole idea behind this project was to create an environment where other operators, especially small to midsize operators would have a chance to enter the market without having to spend a fortune on the initial investment for the OTT platform and the challenges that come with it.” said Jakub Kucharzewski from MeeVu.

‍“We chose UniqCast as a solution provider because it offered us a modern solution and provided us with a flexible product that meets current and future requirements. Implementing Android TV STBs is a milestone for us in providing access to the full TV offer on one device.”, emphasized Mr. Kucharzewski.

UniqCast delivered a multi-tenant OTT platform that allows multiple operators to use the platform to provide OTT service to customers. The platform includes content and subscriber management, streaming and CDN, TV statistics, system monitoring, and client applications for Android STB, Android TV, mobile, and PC devices. This solution is scalable and enables MeeVu to build their own private CDN network for optimized content delivery while allowing operators to save on the streaming bandwidth. For additional info visit our blog section where we cover these topics extensively and subscribe to our newsletter.

“Our platform was designed to be unique, scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient for the operator. While UniqCast ticked all the boxes with its modern TV service, its scalable white-label capabilities and private CDN were a decisive factor which benefited operator’s OPEX and CAPEX control,” said Darko Robic, CEO at UniqCast.

During the project, UniqCast integrated with the existing, certified multi-DRM solution from CryptoGuard and performed several other integrations required for the project. The platform comes with configurable UI and premium UX that helps with subscriber base growth and reduces churn. With MeeVu, operators will have the ability to create different white-label UX/UI for their subscribers and stand out from the competition.

“We are looking forward to continuing working with MeeVu and enhancing the platform even further as they add new operators and grow the service.“ pointed out Mr. Robic.

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