Technicolor, the first company to deliver 100 million gateways worldwide

Monday, October 25th, 2010
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This milestone illustrates decade-long leadership in broadband

PARIS — Technicolor (Euronext Paris : TCH ; NYSE : TCH) today announced- it has achieved the major milestone of 100 million gateways delivered worldwide, out of 500 million broadband connections deployed in households and businesses globally[1]. Technicolor has maintained #1 worldwide position for the last 10 years, and has delivered over 10 million gateways a year since 2005.

The 25 million mark was passed in December 2004, and it only took two years to double, reaching the 50 million threshold in January 2007. It has subsequently taken three years to double it again.

“Passing the 100 million mark demonstrates our continuous dedication to innovation and excellence in the CPE market,” said Vince Pizzica, Head of Digital Delivery, Technicolor. “We were a pioneer in both DSL and cable more than ten years ago, and since then we have always been early to market with emerging technologies. This capability to innovate enabled us to win the confidence of major network services providers through the world, because they know that we are perfectly able to anticipate their needs”.

As a member of the Broadband Forum, Technicolor has significantly contributed to the standardisation in DSL and more specifically to reduce the total cost of deployment and ownership of broadband solutions by enhancing CPE remote management capabilities and improving the access products’ life cycle.

Since its very first DSL and cable modems, Technicolor has pioneered the delivery of innovation for the benefit of end-users: first wireless ADSL router in 2001, first UPnP[2] certified router in 2002, first self- installation wireless and business solutions in 2003, DLNA certification[3] in 2008, first supplier to deliver EU’s energy management compliant products (Code of conduct version 3).

The portfolio has enriched over time with for example the introduction of triple play services gateways in 2004, media center capabilities in 2008 and femto in 2009. Technicolor is now leveraging its strong video skillset to build the next generation media gateways, combining its unparalleled expertise in broadband access and video decoders.

Technicolor also announced a few months ago the equivalent milestone of 100 million units delivered in its set-top boxes business, which further illustrates its worldwide leading position in CPE market.

[1] Source: Point Topic, July 2010.
[2] Universal Plug and Play : set of networking protocols that permits networked devices.
[3] Digital Living Network Alliance: interoperability standard for reading, sharing and control of multimedia devices regardless of their trademark or nature.