Haier Selects AMIMON's WHDI Technology for Its Wireless HDTV Products

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Products to Include Wireless HDTVs Embedded With AMIMON’s WHDI Technology

LAS VEGAS, NV — CES — AMIMON, the market leader in wireless HDTV semiconductor solutions announced today that Haier Group has selected AMIMON for its upcoming wireless HDTVs products. Haier will offer HD wireless adapters based on AMIMON’s WHDI™ (Wireless Home Digital Interface™) technology with its Mo-Card TVs and then will integrate AMIMON’s WHDI technology into its upcoming wireless HDTVs. Haier’s TVs with AMIMON’s WHDI technology will be available in retail stores in China by Q1 2011. Additionally, Haier is part of the WHDI consortium as a contributor; in that role Haier has leveraged its unique experience to help WHDI gain acceptance in the China market.

AMIMON’s WHDI technology delivers high-quality wireless 1080p 60Hz in the 5GHz unlicensed band, both in the room and in between rooms through walls enabling consumers to connect all their HD devices to the TV. The Haier wireless HDTVs will come with a small adapter that consumers can connect to video sources such as: PCs, notebooks, tablets, Blu-ray players, DVRs, STBs, etc. The Haier wireless HDTVs will also come with a wireless Mo-Card Box that consumers can put different types of functional cards to enable variety of functions including: PC, Blu-ray player, DVRs, STBs, gaming console etc. In addition, since AMIMON’s WHDI technology adds virtually no latency, consumers can enjoy interactive contents such us PC application and gaming wirelessly on their Haier wireless Mo-Card TV.

AMIMON’s wireless technology is the basis of the WHDI standard. The WHDI standard provides consumers with the highest quality video plus the freedom and hassle free way to connect sources anywhere with-in a room or enable multi-room connections to devices throughout the home; for example WHDI will allow consumers multi-room functionality and control with only one DVR.

Haier’s wireless HDTV products are powered by AMIMON’s WHDI technology. In addition to Haier, AMIMON has supplied WHDI based chipsets to major CE and PC manufacturers developing WHDI wireless HDTVs and a variety of WHDI devices: PC-to-TV adapters, HD wireless video switches, etc.

“There’s an increasing demand for wireless HDTV products and tremendous industry momentum behind AMIMON’s WHDI technology,” said David Zhang, R&D Director from Haier Group. “Haier’s goal is to provide consumers with latest and most innovative technology; for wireless HDTV products it’s WHDI. Haier will be the 1st to launch wireless TV base on WHDI technology in China.”

“AMIMON’s WHDI technology is the only wireless video technology that can meet the demands of today’s digital home — with its multiple HD sources and displays throughout the home,” said Shimon Greenberg, vice president of sales for AMIMON. “AMIMON’s WHDI technology is the market leader, and will enable more devices to deliver HD video to the TV than any other technology.”