blinkx Introduces TV API, Opens Online Video Index to Technology Partners

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

New Application Programming Interface Enables Partners to Leverage blinkx’s Web Video Index to Build New Functionality and Apps for the OTT environment

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — blinkx, the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine, today announced the launch of a TV API (Application Programming Interface). The API is designed to provide partners in the fast-growing Connected TV ecosystem – from box makers and TV manufacturers, to app developers and game consoles – access to blinkx’s index of over 35 million hours of online video.

The TV API draws from the wealth of video content across the entire web – but automatically filters results based on the capabilities of the user’s device – such as the video formats it supports – so that the user is always offered compatible clips. For partners, blinkx’s TV API offers both efficient access to a deep, diverse source of online content from top broadcasters and media companies, and can also help solve the navigation challenge that is inherent in the lean-back experience of Connected TV.

Based on technology that was perfected over 12 years at Cambridge University, blinkx uses a combination of patented conceptual search with speech and image recognition software to understand rich media more thoroughly than any other solution available today. This deep understanding of content enables blinkx to deliver the unrivaled discovery, personalization and recommendation functionality which is critical to a successful user experience in the Connected TV environment.

“blinkx is an unparalleled source for online video search and discovery through any platform. The blinkx Web API was launched five years ago and today accounts for two-thirds of our global search volume, but mobile and TV are coming on strong,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO, blinkx. “We introduced our mobile API last summer, and already it has generated significant traction with partners like Samsung and EVRI. Providing an API for TV brings blinkx into the living-room and enables our partners to tap a flourishing audience as more consumers access Web video from their TVs. In addition to search, our technology offers personalization, discovery and recommendation capabilities to integrate Web video into the Connected TV experience – functionality that’s critical in the lean back TV experience, when users are less inclined to type out search queries.”

The new API also enables blinkx to increase its distribution footprint across more screens and drive millions of new searches through its engine. blinkx already has several significant partners in the TV space including Amino Communications, known for its award-winning IPTV and Hybrid set-top boxes, as well as Belgacom and Miniweb. These and other companies are leveraging blinkx’s vast video index and software to deliver a better search, navigation and personalization experience for consumers.