IMAQLIQ and Opera Software bring latest browsing technology to IPTV

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011
Opera Software logo

MOSCOW and OSLO, Norway — Today Opera Software announced a collaboration with IMAQLIQ to provide the latest technology to consumers using IPTV. IMAQLIQ (formerly General DataComm), a Russian developer of telecommunications equipment with a broad international footprint, will integrate Opera on its line of devices for interactive TV.

Technology, coupled with strong industry partnerships, makes the Opera Devices Software Development Kit (SDK) the ideal solution for IPTV deployments. It is easy to integrate with streaming media players, conditional access systems, and personal video recorders/applications and can be used to create and render middleware portals.

The SDK provides maximum performance on the platform, is optimized for hardware and supports the latest standards. This allows IMAQLIQ to work with multiple middleware solutions providers. Additionally the collaboration allows customers to have access to the most on-demand applications such as YouTube, vkontakte and Google.

“When we were evaluating various browsers, we received excellent feedback from middleware vendors about Opera Software,” said Dmitry Tolpanov, Director of R&D, IMAQLIQ. “We decided to go with the company that had active development and robust support for its product. Additionally, the Opera browser is beloved by millions of people across the Russian Federation. It was an easy decision to choose Opera on our latest line of consumer devices for interactive digital TV.”

Opera offers a myriad of opportunities for OEMs and service providers. The interface between TV and broadband can be expanded to services and features that go well beyond the basic decoding of TV signals and web browsing. IP set-top boxes and connected TVs can be a conduit for video on demand, electronic programming guides, digital rights management and other multimedia, interactive content – all of which can be upgraded remotely and securely.

“By utilizing the Opera Devices SDK there is unlimited revenue potential for service providers and OEMs,” said Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer, Opera Software. “Selected functionality can be created and easily distributed at a low cost, creating a scenario where service providers are able to generate a revenue stream in delivering tailored content and/or subscription-based services.”