Nagra Showcases Latest Solutions For Secure Multiscreen Viewing And Interactivity At NAB 2011

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011
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Latest technologies allow consumers to watch content on demand on multiple screens, anytime, anywhere without compromising security; Solutions help increase ARPU and subscriber loyalty through the distribution of content across multiple devices and cross-device interactivity

CHESEAUX, Switzerland — Nagra, a Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) company, the world’s leading independent provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions will demonstrate several key technologies to help operators offer revenue generating services in four focus areas at its NAB 2011 exhibit, Booth SU6717:

  • Anywhere, Anytime TV
  • Mobile TV
  • Advanced Set-Top Box and CE Solutions
  • Viewer Engagement and Interactivity

“Multiscreen television is a reality that consumers expect from their service provider. Many of our worldwide customers are using Nagra’s latest technologies to offer personalized user experiences with expanded features over multiple screens,” said Tom Wirth, SVP and GM, Nagra Americas. “At NAB, we will be showcasing the advanced technologies and solutions that bring these services to market.”

Nagra’s multiscreen solutions enable service providers to securely deliver content to multiple screens and seamlessly combine access to multiple content sources such as TV programming, locally stored media, over-the-top, social networking, and on-demand. Thanks to an advanced user interface, a secure media player and an award-winning persistent rights management solution, subscribers can consume their favorite content wherever, whenever and on any screen.

Nagra will showcase innovative solutions securing Mobile TV content in ATSC-M/H and addressing new high potential segments such as catch-up TV and VOD over 3G/4G and other wireless networks. Displays will illustrate how live TV can be broadcast seamlessly to mobile devices and tablets. Additionally, Nagra is assisting Mobile Content Venture, a joint-venture comprising 12 major broadcast groups, in managing its standards-based conditional access, enabling broadcasters to encrypt content and evaluate numerous business models.

In the set-top box and CE area, Nagra is showcasing solutions developed for North and South American customers including the US CableOne box and Brazil’s Embratel DVR powered by OpenTV and OpenTV Livewire middleware and secured by Nagra. These solutions offer a wide variety of consumer requested features such as easy-to-use navigation guides with enhanced on-screen applications, support for SD and HD programs, VOD services, DVR capabilities, and more. Also on display will be SmarDTV removable security solutions that are market proven in major deployments. These solutions enable premium pay-TV channels to be viewed on mobile devices, integrated digital televisions, and via set-top boxes without specific conditional access hardware in the host device.

Finally, as part of its viewer engagement showcase, Nagra will display how its interactive TV technology enables cross-device interactivity on live or recorded programs from a single system. The demonstration shows cross-platform audience interactions (via PC, SMS, TV or social networks such as Twitter) and the ability to deliver contests, voting, auctions, and games to viewers, while collecting and reporting responses.