KDDI acquires experimental license for MediaFLO mobile broadcasting

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Acquisition of an experimental license for mobile multimedia broadcasting technology (MediaFLO)

MediaFLO™ Japan Planning Inc. recently obtained an experimental license to operate a MediaFLO1 station. Accordingly, the company installed today a test station and receivers in KDDI Designing Studio, and started to provide trial content.

The receivers are available for actual use by visitors to KDDI Designing Studio.

Details are attached.

[1] MediaFLO is a technology for mobile multimedia broadcasting services developed by Qualcomm, Inc. Its features include high spectrum efficiency and clipcasting2 capability. In the US, MediaFLO has been provided as a commercial service since March 2007.

[2] Clipcasting: A content delivery system in which content is received and stored automatically. Users can play stored content whenever they desire.