ACCESS Combines Leadership in Connected TV and DLNA to Drive Multi-Screen Media Consumption

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

ACCESS Will Host Exciting New Technology Demonstrations for Connected TV and Connected Home at IBC 2011 (Amsterdam, RAI, Stand 13.115, 9-13 September)

OBERHAUSEN, Germany — ACCESS CO., LTD, a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile, beyond-PC and digital TV markets, today announced that visitors to its IBC 2011 stand (13.115) will see how ACCESS has built upon its global embedded software expertise to develop market-leading browser and software solutions for Connected TV and Connected Home that support standards like HbbTV, BBC iPlayer, DLNA and widgets. ACCESS solutions enable set-top box, Connected TV and other CE manufacturers and middleware vendors to provide network operators with the ability to deploy the most advanced, next generation Connected TV and Connected Home services.

IBC will see the first public demonstration of NetFront™ Living Connect 2.2, the latest version of ACCESS’ market-leading DLNA Technology Component™ solution, which makes multi-screen media access, sharing and consumption a commercial and technological reality within the Connected Home. NetFront Living Connect has an extensive track record of successful DLNA Certified® device deployments on a variety of consumer electronic devices offered by leading manufacturers in markets throughout the world and version 2.2 includes an extensive set of new features that raise the technological bar yet again.

New features in NetFront Living Connect 2.2 include:

  • NetFront Living Connect 2.2 features a new media processing engine that supports more than 120 media file types and which covers all the major media formats in the market today.
  • NetFront Living Connect 2.2’s media indexing performance has been significantly improved and now supports consumer digital libraries up to several gigabytes in size.
  • NetFront Living Connect 2.2’s improved footprint and memory consumption enable DLNA functionality even in low memory devices.
  • NetFront Living Connect 2.2 supports increased integration of protected streaming functionality based on DTCP-IP.
  • NetFront Living Connect 2.2 features a new software development kit (SDK) that enables app developers to create an enhanced experience for users with new applications such as geolocation, video thumbnail support and sub-title support.
  • As well as the standard SDK, ACCESS offers additional SDKs for Android™ and iOS.
  • NetFront Living Connect 2.2 meets all the requirements for the Windows® 7 logo program certification, is compliant with XBox Media Player and now includes support for geolocation services and a host of new features that enhance the user experience.

For Connected TV, ACCESS will be demonstrating several commercial HbbTV deployments as well as BBC iPlayer and widgets solutions.

“It’s fantastic to be the leading provider of software solutions that support DLNA standards for the Connected Home. It’s also great to be the provider of software solutions for Connected TV and HbbTV. But it’s the combination of these positions that’s really powerful,” said Dr. Neale Foster, VP of Global Sales IA, ACCESS.

“Leadership in both Connected Home and Connected TV means that we are providing integrated solutions that provide the ultimate TV and media consumption experience. Because we know what’s happening in Connected TV, our Connected Home solutions are designed in anticipation of future developments in Connected TV. And of course it works the other way around too, with our Connected TV engineers being aware of future developments in Connected Home and media sharing. We look forward to demonstrating just how excited we are about the future of these two markets at IBC, as our integrated solutions are well positioned to help revolutionize the face of media consumption over the next decade,” concluded Dr. Foster.

With a heritage that includes the development of the world’s first commercially deployed mobile Internet browser and over 1 billion embedded device deployments worldwide, the company is expert in providing powerful software solutions for resource constrained devices. Visitors to the ACCESS IBC stand will be able to see how it has built upon its experience to create an exciting portfolio of software solutions to deliver the best in Connected Home / media sharing, Connected TV, HbbTV, BBC iPlayer and widgets. On display at IBC will be the company’s full portfolio of TV-centric solutions, as follows:

  • NetFront™ Browser DTV Profile – NetFront Browser DTV Profile is optimized for digital TV environments and powers services such as BBC iPlayer, while also providing seamless access to hybrid broadcast and broadband services such as HbbTV.
  • NetFront™ Living Connect – NetFront Living Connect is a next generation DLNA Technology Component solution that makes seamless connectivity for home consumer electronic devices a reality.
  • NetFront™ Media Player – NetFront Media Player enables playback of streamed and broadcast video for set-top boxes and digital TVs.
  • NetFront™ Widgets – NetFront Widgets delivers value added widget-based services for digital TVs.