Internode debuts fetchtv IPTV service over Australia's NBN

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Internode today became the first company to deliver the fetchtv IP Television service over the NBN, showing it in action at a house in the western Sydney suburb of Bunya

Although the multicast service that’s typically used to provide IPTV is not scheduled for release on the National Broadband Network (NBN) until mid-2012, Internode has designed a delivery system that allows it to provide fetchtv today.

The fetchtv subscription service provides subscribers with Video-on-Demand movies and programming, time-shifted television viewing and a great range of new TV channels. As well as free-to-air TV channels, fetchtv offers dozens of on-demand TV channels plus special channel packages for subscribers who want TV content from India, Pakistan, China, Singapore/Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines.

At today’s fetchtv over NBN demonstration in Bunya, Internode delivered a range of video-on-demand content via the NBN including new-release movies, high-definition Luxe TV, the Hindi Pack and The Great Wall TV Pack. The football club channel for Senator Conroy’s English Premier League team, Chelsea FC, was also demonstrated, available as part of fetchtv’s sports pack.

Internode product manager Jim Kellett said delivering fetchtv over the NBN showed the company’s commitment to this new customer channel. “It completes the triple play of data, voice and video,” he said.

“Rather than wait for the NBN to deliver multicast, we have worked out how to use existing technology to deliver high-quality video-on-demand using fetchtv over the NBN.”

Although every Internode broadband customer has access to the fetchtv Lite, via its digital PVR, Internode customers with a fast connection, such as the NBN or via an Internode-direct DSLAM port, can upgrade to the fetchtv Full service, which offers dozens of on-demand TV channels, every new-release movie as pay-per-view on-demand, a selection of 30 free ‘library’ movie titles each month and a range of free TV show episodes from major studios.

Today’s event provides an advance demonstration of Internode’s fetchtv Full service, which will be released over the NBN when the National Broadband Network reaches “commercial” status later this year. Fetchtv Lite is already available throughout Internode’s network, including on the NBN.