NEOTION enables the world's first phone to Conditional Access Module (CAM) transaction using Naratte's Zoosh Technology

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

CAM technology powered by Zoosh™ allows TVs to communicate with Phone/Tablets using inaudible sound eliminating the need for an NFC chipset

AUBAGNE — NEOTION, the French company specializing in the design and manufacturing of DVB-CI and CI Plus Modules for Pay TV operators (Broadcast & Telecommunications) and Naratte, a Silicon Valley-based company developing near field communication (NFC) capabilities using inaudible audio, have teamed together to develop the world’s first Conditional Access Module that utilizes Naratte’s Zoosh™ technology. The new Zoosh-powered CAM will enable users to instantly access conditional access content with their smartphone, tablet or PC, without the need for an NFC chipset.

Naratte’s Zoosh technology is highly engineered software that enables users to securely exchange data between devices without the need for an NFC chipset. It can do this by transmitting data using audio that is inaudible to humans across the speaker and microphone already found on most devices. Zoosh operates on a broad range of products including smart phones, media players, tablets, POS systems, personal computers, and now Conditional Access Modules for CI Plus iDTV or STB.

The new NEOTION CAM, powered by Zoosh, is inserted into a standard digital CI+ TV set. To begin accessing authorized content, the end-user simply brings their smartphone, PDA, PC or tablet within proximity of the CAM. It takes less than one second to authenticate devices and enable VOD purchasing, Pay TV package subscriptions and to even authorize access rights transfer from one device to another. This is all done using the customers’ existing handheld devices.

NEOTION’s Technical Director Christophe GENEVOIS announces: “NEOTION Zoosh-powered CAM is pure software based solution and does not depend on special NFC hardware. NFC is an excellent solution, and we will be also showing a NFC based solution at IBC, but NFC is not yet fully implemented on every CE device. Zoosh technology, by “simply” using the speaker and the microphone already existing on most mobile devices, enables Pay TV Operators an immediate and ready to use new Market approach exploitable on nearly all legacy Mobiles! Imagine that tomorrow you can use your simple CE device with Zoosh installed and connect it by audio to the Zoosh-powered CAM inserted in your TV to get coupons, to make transactions with PayPal, to prove your identity, to pay your subscription, to rent a movie or to exchange data and digital rights from one device to another one!”

“Everyone at Naratte is excited about the Neotion and Naratte partnership and the amazing experiences our two companies can bring to the living room. Zoosh is much more than an in-store mobile payment technology. By utilizing the power of Zoosh, Neotion has enabled millions of users to interact with their televisions by simply bringing their current smartphone next to a Neotion CAM and pressing a button,” adds Byron Alsberg, Chief Development Officer of Naratte.

“Smartphones and other wireless devices such as Tablets are now commonly available in the marketplace and thanks to our joint development strategy with Naratte, we are now able to offer to Pay TV operators a innovative CAM providing a wireless audio communication solution which is compatible with many legacy devices, thus opening the door to the next generation of Pay TV access”, said Gregory WIECZOREK, CEO of NEOTION.

A demo of the new Neotion Zoosh-powered CAM is available during the IBC Show in Amsterdam at NEOTION Booth, Hall 4 – Booth B53 and a video explaining Zoosh technology is available here.