NEOTION and ALCINEO present the world's first Conditional Access Module with built-in NFC technology

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

AUBAGNE — NEOTION, the French company specialised in the design and manufacture of DVB-CI and CI Plus Modules for Pay TV operators (Broadcast & Telecommunications) and ALCINEO, the French company specialised in developing built-in applications and supplying secure payment solutions have joined forces in developing the first Conditional Access Module with built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

In a world now 100% interconnected by Wifi, Infrared and Bluetooth, a CAM with NFC technology provides a wireless connection system allowing highly secure data exchange between TV, CAM and mobile devices: payment per session, monthly subscriptions, purchase of virtual content, identity certification and a much more revolutionary feature: authorising the transfer of access rights or the use of audio-visual content from one electronic device to another simply by swiping, without risk of piracy, copying or copyright theft.

NEOTION’s Technical Director Christophe GENEVOIS presented the product as follows: “Just imagine that you can subscribe to a pay TV package from your smartphone, then just bring it close to the NEOTION CAM NFC inserted in your TV to transfer the acquired rights and to enjoy the broadcasts immediately; or that you can even purchase video on demand (VOD) from your smartphone with a simple click and then transfer the rights to your TV, or transfer the rights of the channel watched on the TV to another TV-type screen or tablet by means of the NFC interface. In this way, NEOTION CAM NFCs allow operators to deploy their multi-screen offers on a large scale, which is a major part of their development strategy. Conversely, the CAM NFC can acquire broadcasted data such as coupons and subsequently transfer them to your smartphone for use later in your favourite shops. With built-in NFC technology, your devices can communicate, you can carry out bank transactions easily, you can prove your identity and you can exchange data and rights with your CAM just by swiping, always maintaining a high level of security!”

“Pay TV opens new fields of NFC application, allowing fast and secure transactions. Combining the CAM with an NFC module enables not only new payment methods, but also the use of a number of dissemination media. In opening new prospects for innovation and marketing, we have overcome several technological barriers”, adds Arnaud CORRIA, CEO of ALCINEO.

“NFC is a contactless technology, ensuring both communication and a high level of security. Bringing the two elements together has allowed NEOTION to develop a new advanced CAM together with our partner ALCINEO. The NFC CAM will provide an advanced level of interactive communication and security with the latest NFC technology devices deployed in the market such as Smartphones and Tablets, revolutionising access to Pay TV Services “, says Gregory WIECZOREK, CEO of NEOTION.

Among the 140 members of the NFC Forum launched in 2004, the presence of key telephone companies can already be noted, such as HTC, Motorola, RIM (Blackberry), Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Google and Nokia, TV companies such as LG, Toshiba and Samsung, along with companies operating in other sectors such as banking, information technology and indeed the Internet itself: AT&T, Microsoft, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Intel, Texas Instruments, NXP, NEC, etc.

In 2011, over 100 million people around the world are using mobile payment (including 3.5 million people in the United States) and NFC already offers links with PayPal and Google Wallet. This NFC technology now provides virtual ticket or card services, either in use already or currently undergoing trials (train tickets, Paris Metro season tickets, and travel tickets, cinema tickets, e-tickets for concerts, museums or events), additional information (advertising or otherwise) on displays or terminals, couponing or tourist information, all remotely accessible!

Until now, pay TV has been one of the few industries not to make use of the numerous advantages of NFC technology; with the new CAM NFC developed jointly by ALCINEO and NEOTION, this is now in the past.