The first Conditional Access Module with GSM technology

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

…unveiled to the world by NEOTION at the 2011 IBC fair!

AUBAGNE — NEOTION, the French company specialising in the design and manufacture of DVB-CI & CI Plus modules for pay-TV operators (Broadcast & Telecommunications), has become the first pay-TV access module manufacturer worldwide to have implemented GSM technology into a CAM.

Once inserted into the DVB-CI Plus slots of all digital television sets and STB decoders, NEOTION’s GSM CAM immediately and very simply establishes a connection to the telephone and internet network via the GSM 2G or 3G networks belonging to mobile telephone operators. This opens up a huge number of opportunities for pay-TV operators, in particular being able to make use of an extremely widely deployed GSM communications network and offering users – whether subscribers or otherwise – access to all their television services, both linear and non-linear.

Christophe GENEVOIS, CTO of NEOTION, states: “when you become aware of the problems of deploying internet infrastructures in some countries, you quickly understand that a CAM GSM finally offers an optimum alternative for making use of connected services. Likewise, in some countries with strong connection networks the CAM GSM can be used in lieu of a scratchcard system for single-programme or temporary subscription payments, with the benefit that they offer a return path and a means of communication with the consumer – an indisputable marketing argument for any operator!”

Indeed, together with purely connective functions the integration of GSM technology into NEOTION’s CAMs makes it possible to execute micro-payment operations in a highly secure fashion; service operators will be able to use the CAM GSM and its SIM Card to manage secure transactions such as, for example, loading OTT applications, purchasing VOD, voting by premium rate SMS directly through the TV or paying for temporary access to a TV channel (weekend offer, payment by programme etc.).

Finally, NEOTION’s CAM GSMs open up new opportunities based on the principles of security whilst connected, drawing inspiration from security solutions in the world of telecoms and computing. They may be coupled (or not) with a traditional Conditional Access Module, which is thus reinforced with a range of security functions as innovative as they are powerful: geolocation, transmitting the right to use a specific service, unique and permanent identification on a telecommunications network, access rights on request and linked to a particular event, linkage with a subscriber’s GSM etc.

Gregory WIECZOREK, CEO of NEOTION, maintains: “With our new GSM CAM, NEOTION once again demonstrates its innovative powers by meeting the demands of pay-TV operators seeking connected solutions with a return paths allowing them to send information to users in areas with poor internet infrastructure. Likewise, conditional access suppliers will find the GSM CAM provides a permanent secure connectivity, paving the way for new content security opportunities”.