Latens and Discretix Partner to Extend Content Protection Beyond Pay TV Distribution Networks

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
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Integration of Latens Security Manager with Discretix SecurePlayer™, Ensures a Unified Encoding, Delivery and Security Architecture for Live TV and VOD Across All Smart Mobile Devices

SANTA CLARA, CA — Discretix, the leading provider of embedded security and content protection solutions, and Latens part of the Pace Group (LSE: PIC) and a provider of software security solutions for payTV, today announced a partnership to extend content protection beyond traditional PayTV networks to include smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.

The massive adoption of smart devices coupled with broadband wireless networks has created a demand for high value video content on mobile devices. For operators trying to ensure customer retention and attract new customers, a unified security capability for set-top boxes and mobile devices is essential. The integration of Latens Security Manager with Discretix SecurePlayer™ ensures a unified encoding, delivery and security architecture which can be supported on all Android and iOS devices.

Latens Manager acts as a security domain controller with pluggable interfaces through which any CAS or DRM technology can be rapidly deployed. This relieves the operator from managing the huge variety of proprietary subscriber and security data models which these systems implement and as a result simplifies integration with Subscriber Management Systems (SMS) exposing a single data model. Latens Manager interfaces with back-office systems delivering simplicity and allowing easy integration, which allows the SMS to implement its core function while allowing Latens CAS to hide the complexities of content protection.

The SecurePlayer™ is a downloadable, white label application that allows operators to expand their brand and video services to all Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. The Discretix SecurePlayer™ leverages the company’s extensive experience in delivering a full range of embedded content protection solutions for smart connected devices. The SecurePlayer utilizes advanced software security technologies including obfuscation, variability, renewability, trip wires and personalization in order to protect against content hacking and to ensure the robustness of the application.

“Tablets and smartphones are the new frontier of PayTV and Discretix’ installed base and vast hands-on experience are invaluable assets in extending the network to include this new category of devices,” said Phil Cardy, VP of Sales & Product Marketing, Latens.

“The Latens Security Manager bridges the old and new worlds of PayTV” said Amit Shofar, VP Business Development of Discretix. “By extending OTT-TV and VOD content to mobile devices and enabling entirely new sets of business models, these technologies allow operators to provide a greater choice to their subscribers.”