Siano Launches Family of Android Applications for CMMB DTV

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
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…Targeting Smartphones and Tablets

CMMB player, Kàn, combined with Siano’s IC, enables easy, high quality viewing of China Mobile’s live DTV broadcasts on Android devices

SHENZHEN, China — Siano Mobile Silicon, the world’s leading supplier of digital mobile TV receiver chips, today announced the launch of Kàn, an advanced DTV player application for the reception of CMMB live TV broadcasts on Android devices.

Based on Siano’s proprietary DTV technology, Kàn is the first member in Siano’s Android player family that meets both CMCC (China Mobile Communications Corporation) and CBC (China Broadcast Corporation) requirements, targeting the immensely popular Android-based platform. Comprised of customer-ready CMMB middleware and a unique GUI application, Kàn is deployed using Siano’s family of single-die (RF tuner and demodulator) CMMB receiver chips. On top of the basic DTV player features, Kàn includes an ESG (Electronic Service Guide) with programming information up to two days in advance, specific program search, program reminder and emergency broadcast support.

“As a leading Android-based platform manufacturer, Siano’s Android application, combined with the Siano chip, helps us increase sales by offering mobile DTV on our tablets and other consumer electronics devices,” said Baoli Zhao, CEO of Yeamax. “Additionally, integrating this application has been surprisingly smooth and easy requiring very few engineering resources and completed in a very short time. Instead of shopping around for a player and a chip, Siano provides Yeamax with all of our DTV needs, enabling us to quickly bring a top-of-the-line product to market.”

“Avnet is pleased to work alongside Siano and Yeamax and explore this fast-growing infotainment market,” said Joe Chung, Business Development Director of AEMC (Avnet Electronics Marketing China), a leading global electronics component distributor. “Time to market is the key to succeeding in today’s business environment. We will continue to deliver state-of-the art components, such as Siano’s Kàn with full customer support that will result in win-win business for all parties.”

“Kàn marks a significant step in Siano’s offering to the CMMB market, providing our customers with a comprehensive solution. Our exceptional CMMB receiver performance is now complemented by an application that streamlines the user experience,” comments Wei Wang, Siano China’s General Manager & VP Business Development for Asia. “We will continue to expand this product line in the future with more applications to meet the needs of China’s MDTV multimedia-savvy consumers.”

Additional Kàn features include comprehensive subscription management, allowing users to effectively control their own subscriptions to a variety of TV program packages. The application also boasts a favorite channels list, snapshot capturing, tuning and scanning, statistics collection and localization abilities, with language support available in English as well as traditional and simplified Chinese.