OTE TV Via Satellite launches in Greece

Monday, October 17th, 2011
OTE TV logo

Entertainment becomes an experience for all

  • Via satellite and Conn-x anywhere in Greece
  • From 14.9 euro/month for the basic ‘Family Pack’
  • Bargain price 19.9 euro/month for the ‘Full Pack’
  • 8 High Definition channels without additional charge

ATHENS — A new era begins for pay TV services in Greece. The OTE Group (ASE: HTO, NYSE: OTE) presents its OTE TV Via Satellite service and is integrating all of its pay TV services under one brand name, OTE TV.

OTE TV Via Satellite is here to complement, in the best possible way, OTE’s pay TV services, making OTE TV available everywhere in Greece at affordable prices.

OTE TV Via Satellite has more than 40 channels, 8 of which are High Definition without additional cost, and is available in 2 theme packs:

  • Family Pack – The basic service includes:
    • Free-to-Air analogue and digital channels,
    • Channels with TV series and movies (Universal, Fox Life, FX and Sundance Channel HD)
    • Sports Channels (Eurosport HD, ESPN America HD, Eurosport2, Extreme Sports, ESPN Classic)
    • Documentary Channels (National Geographic Wild HD, Discovery, Discovery Science, Discovery ID)
    • Kids Channels (Disney Channel, Nickelodeon HD, Kids Co, Baby TV)
    • Lifestyle Channels (TLC, Fashion TV, World Fashion, Style TV)
    • Music Channels (MTV HD, Mad Hits, VH1, C Music TV)
    • News Channels (Euronews, Deutsche Welle, Bloomberg, France 24, Al Jazeera etc.)
  • Full Pack – This includes the Family Pack channel and also OTE’s well known sports channels, OTE Sport 1, OTE Sport 2 and OTE Sport 3, with exclusive sports content, and the new sports channel, OTE Sport HD, with sports events in High Definition among which the Greek Football Cup, the Spanish, Italian and German Football Championships, Formula 1 etc.

Furthermore, free-to-air channels in standard and high definition are available from the Eurobird 9A satellite, from which OTE TV is broadcasted. Also, if terrestrial digital television is available in the area then the OTE TV decoder can also be configured to receive the other free-to-air Greek channels, without any additional equipment.

Signal reception is achieved through a satellite dish, a decoder and a subscriber card. OTE TV Via Satellite does not require a fixed telephony connection. It is intended for OTE customers who cannot receive OTE TV Via Conn-x, as well as to all households, even if they do not have a fixed telephony connection.

The decoder and the satellite dish can also be installed by OTE, through a network of authorised installers. If you already have a satellite dish, which is used to receive other satellite services, then a second dish is not necessary.

For professionals (e.g. restaurants), OTE TV has created separate ‘Professional Packs.’

OTE TV via Conn-x

The well known ‘Conn-x TV service’ is renamed ‘OTE TV via Conn-x’ and from now on the channels shall be available through the above theme packs, Family Pack, and Full Pack . OTE TV via Conn-x is the most technologically advanced form of TV signal transmission provided through an ordinary telephone plug and broadband connection. Consumers get to watch TV channels with a digital image, while the OTE Cinema-on-Demand and OTE Club-on-Demand (Video-on-Demand) services allow them to choose their preferred content (movie premieres, TV series, music videos, documentaries, travel guides, etc.) and watch it any time they want.

Bargain prices

With prices starting from 14.9 euro/month for OTE customers, ΟΤΕ TV makes pay satellite television more affordable to the general public. The new prices are analytically described in the following tables:

                                                         ΟΤΕ TV
                   Via Conn-x    Via Satellite    Via Satellite
                               (OTE customers)
              ---------------  ---------------  ---------------
FAMILY PACK    € 14.90 /month   € 14.90 /month   € 18.63 /month
FULL PACK      € 19.90 /month   € 19.90 /month   € 24.88 /month

                                     Optional Services
                                     ΟΤΕ TV via Conn-x
OTE Club On-Demand                       € 5.00 /month
OTE Cinema On Demand - movie rental    € 1.00 - € 4.50

Consumers can order OTE TV online, by dialling 13888 free of charge, or by visiting one of OTE’s extensive network of stores (OTESHOP – COSMOTE – GERMANOS).