Mobile Broadband Device Market to Hit 525 Million by 2016

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
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Growth of Mobile Hotspots and USB Modems

BOSTON — The Mobile Broadband Device market will claim a global installed base of over 525 million units by 2016, according to just released research from analyst firm Strategy Analytics. The report, “Mobile Broadband Devices: 5-Year Market Forecast for Embedded and External Modems,” shows steady growth for external modems over the forecast period. This expansion will be driven by device costs, more flexible tariffs, a shift to LTE and growth in mobile hotspots for multiple devices, such as tablets and other consumer electronics. Embedded modems, however, will experience slower growth due to the higher cost of embedding cellular capabilities and the need for additional data services.

“Strategy Analytics anticipates continued growth in mobile broadband devices as operators improve user segmentation, such as flexible plans and content bundling all underpinned by LTE,” commented Andrew Brown, Director, Wireless Enterprise Strategies and author of the report. “Mobile hotspots have been a highlight in this sector, typically enabling up to five devices at a time to connect anywhere on one data plan. The growth in the number and variety of Wi-Fi enabled devices, has considerably increased the value proposition of these mobile hotspot devices,” he added.

This Strategy Analytics report includes forecasts of shipments of mobile broadband devices, both embedded and external, as well as sizing of the installed base of mobile broadband devices. Also included in this report is further segmentation for embedded and external mobile WiMax devices.