DVB Approves Commercial Requirements For CI Plus V1.4

Monday, November 28th, 2011
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Approval Paves Way For Work By Technical Module

At the 69th meeting of the DVB Steering Board, the Commercial Requirements for CI Plus v1.4 were approved thus allowing the technical work on the specification to progress. These Commercial Requirements build on top of the current CI Plus v1.3 specification with two main features: support for dual-stream operation with a single module, intended for a dual-tuner PVR host, and support for DRM protected IP-delivered content. Other features include CI Plus browser extensions, additional URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) signalling, and extensions and clarifications for module applications running on host middleware.

This move follows an agreement with CI Plus LLP that the DVB Project will take responsibility for future development of the CI Plus specification. It is anticipated that the technical work will take a year. Following its publication CI Plus LLP will adopt the specification.

Commenting on the approval, Martin Gold, Chairman of DVB’s Commercial Module for CI Plus said “CI Plus Modules plugged into integrated digital televisions provide an attractive alternative to set-top boxes for both consumers and operators. The new functionality in V1.4 will help to ensure that the CI Plus system has the features required as the market evolves”.

CI Plus is a technical specification that adds additional security and features to the proven DVB Common Interface Standard that will allow CI Plus compatible consumer electronic devices, such as integrated digital televisions and set-top boxes, access to a wide range of Pay TV services via plug-in CI Plus Modules wherever the CI Plus technology is supported by the local Pay TV provider.