ACMA starts discussion on DTT evolution in Australia

Monday, January 23rd, 2012
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ACMA starts a discussion on the future of digital free-to-air television

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is considering the future technological evolution of free-to-air television after the transition to digital television is complete.

Following decades of stability in television technology, Australia took a giant step in 2001 with the adoption of what was then state of the art digital television. The transition provides us with crisp, clear images, quality sound, multi-channels and features such as high definition, electronic program guides and parental lock.

The technology that underpins this system continues to evolve. Improvements in transmission technologies, data compression and new physical characteristics of receivers such as 3D and ultra high definition screen formats might offer attractive features or more channels of entertainment in future.

‘The ACMA is seeking to garner industry and community comment on the future evolution of digital terrestrial television,’ said ACMA Acting Chairman, Richard Bean.

‘We’re interested in the drivers of future technological change. Starting the discussion now means the ACMA can consider what, if any, action it might take in the short term to assist in delivering benefits over the next decade and beyond,’ Mr Bean said.

Copies of the paper and further background information are available on the ACMA’s website. Submissions to the discussion paper close on 30 March 2012.