HD Forum releases TNT2.0 specifications and conformance tests

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

HD Forum is aimed at helping and promoting the development of innovative technologies for the French Digital TV environment. Among various topics, HD Forum has worked during the last 2 years on the TNT2.0 project. The goal was to coordinate the launch of HbbTV interactive services in France. This effort is done in partnership with the HbbTV consortium and led to an upgrade version of HbbTV standard, version 1.5 and a first recommendation for DRM’s.

In this respect:

  1. The HD Forum board is making official the TNT 2.0 specifications to be applied on the French market;
  2. All together, manufacturers, broadcasters and distributors representatives committed around the technical choices made so far, expecting that products and services will ramp up from Q4’2012 to April 2013 and beyond. Of course, products and service launch plans details remain the respective choices of broadcasters, manufacturers and distributors;
  3. In order to support this goal, the “TNT 2 0 – Terminal Specification – V1.1 Final” including last improvement will be made available on the HD FORUM web site for a wider distribution
    to all interested parties, including non HD FORUM members. This will be effective by end of July 2012;
  4. The HD FORUM is also pleased to announce the full release of the TNT 2.0 test suite, developed in cooperation with companies Farncombe and Digital TV labs in the UK. This test suite has already been licensed to multiple manufacturers, and the HD FORUM restates the requirement for consumer electronic manufactures to self-validate compliance of their products, by passing the TNT 2.0 test suite. The test suite is licensed under a fair and non-discriminatory terms and conditions approved by the HD FORUM;
  5. In parallel, work continues on the interoperability of services
  6. In due course, HD FORUM will contribute to prepare the launch of products and services complying with the TNT 2.0 specifications.