International Datacasting Corporation Demonstrates Revenue Generation Solutions for Broadcasters at IBC 2012

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012
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Showcases Centient™ Media Aware CDN Platform

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — International Datacasting Corporation (TSX:IDC) announces that it will be demonstrating its latest content distribution solutions designed to boost revenue generation for the world’s premiere broadcasters at IBC 2012, Amsterdam, Sept. 7 – 11, 2012, Booth 1.C29.

Increase Advertising Revenue with IDC LASER™

IDC will demonstrate the new IDC LASER™ targeted ad insertion platform which allows network broadcasters delivering content via satellite the ability to offer advertisers exceptional ad insertion granularity. LASER enables broadcasters to increase advertising revenues by seamlessly inserting regional or local commercials at the edge of the network. Since each receive location can be addressed and targeted individually, LASER provides pinpoint accuracy.

LASER also allows for the replacement of ad content that may be unsuitable for specific audiences due to copyright issues, or regional variances, with ad content more appropriate for that target market. This flexibility allows broadcasters serving a wide geographic market to generate revenue from a broader base of advertisers. LASER allows broadcasters to maximize the value of each available commercial time slot.

Increase Subscription Revenue with IDC’s Digital Tattoo Platform

IDC will demonstrate the integrated Digital Tattoo™ platform which enables Direct To Home (DTH) satellite operators to expand their customer base for existing services, and to extend the range of services they offer, by providing cost-effective Ethernet-based content distribution within Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs). This includes residential apartments, gated communities, and commercial communities such as hotels, campuses and hospitals. Ethernet content distribution within the MDU is more efficient and less expensive to implement than the alternatives, and can be reused by MDU owners to offer lucrative value-added services to subscribers, including Video on Demand (VOD).

The Tattoo Gateway™ is a high density, multi-transponder satellite-to-IP converter designed specifically for the MDU market. It is Conditional Access (CA) transparent, allowing DTH operators to keep their content encrypted all the way to the subscriber’s Set Top Box (STB). Server content is delivered and managed using IDC’s Centient™ Media Aware CDN Platform. Content remains encrypted, is accessed via the Digital Tattoo service portal, and streamed over the MDU Ethernet network to residents’ STBs.

Centient™ Media Aware CDN Platform

IDC’s comprehensive Centient™ Media Aware Content Delivery Network (CDN) Platform enables files and streams to be delivered reliably by satellite or terrestrial links to a network of remote sites for broadcasters. The Centient™ Media Aware Layer overlays a set of additional CDN features that allow the platform to interpret, manage and process files and streams as media content. Media Aware features include: content management, compression, media recording and playback, targeted content and ad insertion, and content verification. This industry leading content distribution platform supports delivery of audio, video, data and digital cinema content formats.

“IDC brings to market fully integrated media aware solutions that address the needs of broadcasters worldwide,” stated Frederick Godard, IDC President and CEO. “These innovative solutions enable the generation of new revenue streams, enhance service offerings, and expand audience reach through targeted content distribution of both core programming and advertising.”

Learn why the world’s premiere broadcasters rely on IDC to ensure managed, uninterrupted delivery of valuable entertainment, news and advertising content for enhanced revenue generation. Find out more about IDC’s latest products and solutions including IDC LASER™ and Digital Tattoo, for radio, television, digital cinema and data networks at IBC 2012, Booth 1.C29.