ABOX42 Unveils Broadcom-powered 'M12' High End IP STB at IBC 2012

Thursday, September 6th, 2012
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Abox42 M12 STB delivers New Over-the-Top, Interactive and IPTV and Content & Services Worldwide
AMSTERDAM — ABOX42, a leading provider of Over-the-Top (OTT) set top boxes and services, today announced its new “M12” IPTV and OTT set top box. The M12 enables service providers to deliver new IP-based TV content and services, upgrade existing customers and create new business models. The M12 is powered by Broadcom Corporation´s (Nasdaq: BRCM) BCM7231 IP STB platform and delivers a full suite of Internet-based frameworks and applications to support the delivery of OTT content and services. Demonstrated this week at IBC 2012, the ABOX42 M12 is production ready and shipping to early access partners.

M12 complements ABOX42´s IP OTT platform B12 at the high end as fully compatible alternative depending on special applications and higher requirements. It also enables possible upgrades from B12 to M12 without the need for application adaptions. The new platform proliferates low cost and interactive HDTV and services throughout the world and can be easily integrated into all traditional cable and internet environments.

Broadcom’s family of IP STB platforms enables advanced IPTV and OTT entertainment services in low cost, high performance and compact packages. Broadcom’s BCM7231 platform powers Abox42´s M12 boxes to enable operators to cost-effectively expand advanced HDTV interactive digital and IPTV services such as IPTV, networked DVR and browser-based applications.M12 was designed for fast moving OTT providers, Internet companies and cable operators, which want to roll out interactive services and new business models based on latest internet technologies.

The M12 software platform is market proven and already runs over 100 OTT applications like VOD-Services, Catch-Up TV Services, Online Video Recording, IPTV/OTT FreeTV as well as OTT PayTV services and web-browser functionality. M12 offers short project cycles, short production lead times and includes lifecycle management, ongoing software maintenance and service updates.

“As the momentum to deploy OTT & IPTV intensifies throughout the world, we are pleased to partnership with ABOX42, to enable service providers to quickly deploy new services based on our latest technologies,” says Stuart Thomson, Senior Director of Marketing, Consumer Electronics, Broadcom. “This is a significant milestone in the accelerated development and quick deployment of high performance IP OTT set-top boxes worldwide.”

“Based on our 3 years experience in the consumer electronic market with OTT set top boxes and running more than 100 OTT applications on our STBs, M12 is our next generation, low-cost platform for the OEM market”, said Oliver Soellner, VP Business Development of ABOX42 GmbH. “The M12 platform is the ideal solution for all OTT companies, which do want to have their own STB product without any worry about technology and to avoid project complexity at all. Our platform is retail and end user proven and extremely easy to use.”

The M12 platform supports all major OTT, IPTV as well as Cloud TV concepts and runs all its advanced technologies “out of the box”. An easy to use Web Development Environment with the latest Internet technologies speeds up development of OTT applications up to 10 times compared to traditional STB platforms. M12 includes latest hardware technology and software components like HTML4/5/CE-HTML browser, QT-client, HbbTV, DLNA and an advanced OTT media player. In addition M12 supports latest Hollywood approved streaming technologies (e.g. Smooth Streaming, HLS, BitBand, Mpeg DASH, DIVX Streaming) and market proven DRM solutions like DRM10, PlayReady, HLS-DRM and Secure Media.
Development and evaluation units of M12 platform are already available on request. Developer partners profit from ABOX42´s special Developer Program which helps companies to easily move their OTT applications to the M12 platform or to quickly develop new applications based on latest internet and web technologies.

ABOX42 products will be shown at the ABOX42 booth 352 in the “Connected World” Hall 14 at IBC 2012.