Philips makes Viaplay available on Smart TVs

Thursday, October 4th, 2012
Viaplay logo

Philips and Viaplay have signed an agreement for the launch of Viaplay across the Nordic countries on Philips Smart TV platform.

Users with a Viaplay subscription will be able to access full seasons of TV series, over 2000 movies and world-class live sport events, whenever they want, directly through the Philips smart TV.

“Myself and all the Philips TV users in the Nordics, are very happy to welcome Viaplay and their world class content, in sports, movies, TV series and entertainment”, says Joakim Örnstig, Nordic Marketing Director Philips TV.

Viaplay will be made available on Philips Net TVs (2012 models from 6000 series and up) in October.