StarTimes launches DVB-T2 across Africa

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012
StarTimes logo

One of the best Digital Terrestrial Technology (DTT) service provider in Africa- StarTimes is on a great move again as it launches DVB-T2 technology in Africa including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania, etc. In Nigeria, StarTimes started its race of providing affordable digital entertainment with the largest television network in Africa- Nigerian Television Network (NTA) in 2010 and now, as a licensed DTT pay TV service provider in Nigeria, the then mission is turning into a reality as StarTimes proceeds into The DVB-T2 technology which is the advance version in the DTT operation. One of the major potentials of the DVB-T2 is its ability to contain more channels, one frequency on DVB-T2 can take up to twenty five (25) channels.

StarTimes mission of ensuring every home in Nigeria enjoys affordable digital entertainment is backed with its collaboration with NTA, StarTimes relationship with NTA is a strategic partnership that will help Nigeria in actualizing its 2015 digital transition deadline. StarTimes will leverage on the existing platform of NTA to provide quality digital service to every home in Nigeria and in doing that, the whole country won’t find it difficult to get digitalized even before the 2015 transition. Another problem StarTimes is gradually solving is the accessibility and affordability of digital service, compared to what we use to have, StarTimes has made digital service affordable and enjoyable by all.

StarTimes is a brand that understands the needs of its teeming subscribers and proceeds in all means in fulfilling those needs; New great channels like WAP TV, EuropeSports News, Africa Movie Channel, Odudua TV, Vchannel and Away Life are ready to join subscribers viewing list; In music, movies, sport, kids entertainment, documentary, religion and so on, StarTimes has been able to deliver great result and has the consciousness of consistent advancement, that is why DVB-T2 is now launched in every operating states in Nigeria including Enugu, Uyo, Aba, Ilorin, Jos, Yola, Benin etc. this spells more and great entertainment opportunity for StarTimes subscribers and prospects in Nigeria and across Africa. There are loads of entertainment packed in the StarTimes DVB-T2 decoder that can capacitate up to seventy (75) channels.

For music, StarTimes has the latest and most sought after Naija music channels: Nigezie and Kennis Music, the former has just been awarded by the Nigerian Broadcasters Award as the Best Music Channel in Nigeria; MTV Base, the music base station for trendy and aspiring youth is also on StarTimes; We cannot do without mentioning STV Music which is owned by StarTimes, STV MUSIC gives the latest music around the world and would satisfy its viewers any day any time.

StarTimes is also enriched with captivating movie channels, both local and international, it has Orisun, a 24 hours yoruba movie channel, E.stars, also a 24 hours Nigerian and African (English) movie channel, and just at the time when the need of local content arises, StarTimes largely invested in its local content, bringing on board WAP TV (Wale Adenuga Productions): the pioneer of one of the most watched TV programmes in Nigeria-SuperStory, also the producer of great dramas like THIS LIFE, PAPA AJASCO, ODD WORLD e.t.c.

African Movie Channel (AMC) is another mind-blowing channel that is set to stun Nigerians with the latest Nollywood movies, Odudua TV is another 24 hours Yoruba channel that is highly cultural and original; Other Newly added local channels include: Ultima TV, well known for successful productions of remarkable Nigeria’s reality shows like Project Fame, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire; Quest TV, a reality TV station; Business TV, Nigeria’s number one Business TV channel and lots more

Sport is part of the inevitable content that viewers cannot do without, StarTimes sport channels include:

  • Setanta Africa: brings to you current world rugby matches, football matches, wrestling, Athletics and lots more;
  • Euro sport News: brings highlight of exciting football leagues around the world like the European Premier League, Champions League, La Liga and more, other great sport news highlight and previews are shown on Euro Sport News;
  • NTA Sport 24: Currently brings the live matches of the 2012-2013 UEFA Champions League and 2013 African Cup of Nations matches to your face and other great international sports;
  • MCS: Brings you extreme sport like skating, cycling, NBA latest play-offs, soccer and a lot of them;
  • StarTimes STV Kungfu also brings you live the French league matches every week.

Nigerians love news and StarTimes is got them all: Aljazeera, BBC, NTA News 24, France 24, Channels TV and other fantastic news station that gets latest news as they happen are right active on StarTimes.

For kids and teens, they have Kidsco and Nickelodeon for them, so mention what other content StarTimes has not got, other engaging content on Wild-life, documentary include; National geography, Explorer + Crime, Discovery World and others.

Having StarTimes DVB-T2 decoder with up to seventy five (75) channels of great sport, music, movies, news and lots more is a real big dream coming to reality as Nigerians can now confidently migrate into digital migration with StarTimes as it provides them with the latest technology in DTT operation that can gives up to seventy (75) channels and quality digital entertainment.

StarTimes subscriber is now over one million.