Telenet launches 'TV with a card' CI+ option

Thursday, June 13th, 2013
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MECHELEN — Telenet today announces the launch of its new television product, ‘TV with a card’. By placing a CI+ module with a smartcard in his TV set, the customer can watch television in digital picture and sound quality, without the need of a decoder or additional cables. The remote control of the TV set can be used to zap. In this way, cable television customers can expand their range of channels to include the basic digital package in a simple manner. With this new service Telenet uses the CI+-technology, which comes as standard in the latest TV sets. However, the Digicorder is still the ideal device for customers who require more advanced functions, such as using the TV library and the ability to record programmes. ‘TV with a card’ will be available from 24 June at a one-off cost of 69 €.

Telenet CI plus module

TV with a card: CI+ technology

On 24 June, Telenet is launching ‘TV with a card’, a new product in which the company makes use of the CI+ technology that is available as a standard in the latest TV sets. CI+ is short for ‘Common Interface Plus’; this is a technology for watching digital TV without the use of a decoder. The customer only needs to place the CI+ module with the Telenet smartcard in the slot provided in the side or back panel of his TV set in order to watch television in digital picture and sound quality. No additional cables or hardware are required. The remote control of the TV set can be used to zap through the channels.

75 channels + channel packages in digital picture and sound quality

‘TV with a card’ enables the customer to enjoy the same extensive channel package available to digital viewers, consisting of 75 channels, a large number of which are in HD. It is also possible to order additional channel packages, such as PRIME or Sporting Telenet. In addition, an electronic programme guide is available that looks 2 days ahead. Customers who use ‘TV with a card’ cannot pause or record programmes via the CI+ module. And as the CI+ module is not interactive, customers are not able to retrieve programmes and films from the TV library. The Digicorder therefore remains the ideal device, and is offered for rent at 8.20 € a month.

Inge Smidts, Sr VP Residential Marketing: “We believe it is important to match our television product to the customer’s wishes. For example, we recently launched our innovative Yelo TV product for our digital TV customers. With ‘TV with a card’, we cater for cable television customers for whom the many digital TV functionalities are a threshold. Moreover, ‘TV with a card’ is a great option for those customers who have an extra TV set, for example in the bedroom, and would like to watch more channels at an advantageous cost. Customers already let us know earlier that they would like to make use of the CI+ technology in their TV set. We are responding to this customer need with ‘TV with a card’.”

How does it work?

A CI+ certified TV set is required if a person wants to make use of ‘TV with a card’. Customers can easily check whether their TV set is in this category on as from June 24th. In addition, the customer must have a Telenet cable subscription. The CI+ module can be ordered from the Telenet sales points from 24 June onwards at a one-off cost of 69 €.

The CI+ module can also be a solution for business customers such as hotels and nursing homes with more than five TV sets, who would like to offer digital television.