Telenet launches compact and eco-friendly TV box in Belgium

Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 
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Telenet launches the most compact and environmentally friendly TV box in Belgium

Telenet has released its new Telenet TV box IP. The new TV box IP is the smallest on the Belgian market and, thanks to its compactness, can easily be placed at the back of your TV set.

In addition, the new box is even more powerful than its predecessors and has the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology. It is also the first box without a coaxial cable output. The TV signal goes entirely over the internet. So you only need electricity, Telenet TV and a Telenet internet subscription. The device is made from completely recycled material and is at least 80% more energy efficient thanks to its 3W power, compared to previous models. This means a win-win on energy consumption for our customers, our environment and also contributes to Telenet’s general CO₂ emissions target to reduce them by 55% in its own operations by 2030.

Telenet TV box IP with remote on a yellow background

In the long term, all Telenet TV customers will receive the new box to upgrade their current TV experience with, for example, voice control and easy access to various applications.

Telenet started the rollout of the new TV box IP on November 16, 2023 in the Limburg region. Since January 30, the TV box has been connected to new TV customers throughout Flanders and Brussels. In the long term, all television customers with an old generation decoder will receive the new box for an improved TV experience with, for example, voice control and access to a wide range of different applications. They will be informed in advance.

Telenet TV is the place where all the channels and streaming services come together so that our customers can find what they want to watch faster than ever. We offer the ultimate viewing comfort with more than 90 channels, streaming services and radio stations. On the home page, customers can see their favorite content, most recent recordings and apps at a glance.

Telenet TV customers easily discover and search for shows and films from the streaming services by category or by service. Through Telenet, customers can also enjoy a discount if they bundle different streaming services. The TV experience on the Telenet TV box and the new compact TV box IP is identical.

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