Belgacom introduces smaller IPTV set-top box

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013
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Belgacom: Technical Innovations – New modem (b-box 3), new TV decoder, and the new Wi-Fi Bridge

The b-box 3 modem

The b-box 3 has an “n” Wi-Fi link which is more powerful than that of its predecessor, the b-box 2. The customer can now switch the Wi-Fi on and off easily using a button.
The modem is offered to new customers with ultra-fast broadband (VDSL). Existing customers with an ultra-fast connection (VDSL) can purchase the b-box 3 for €99 (incl. VAT).

The V5 decoder

The decoder is smaller, three times more powerful (with faster and more fluid navigation), and twice as energy efficient (8 Watts in normal standby mode) as the previous version.

The customer, and all customers who have versions 3 and 4 since December 2012 (99% of customers), can also change the standard setting (normal) into deep standby.
When you switch off the decoder, after 30 minutes it changes from normal standby mode (also called active standby) into deep standby (passive standby), with less than 0.5 Watts of energy consumption, while allowing programmed recordings as well as updates of the program guide. The customer doesn’t have to do anything. The V5 decoder has a simpler, more sober display and a removable hard disk with 320 GB capacity.

New Belgacom TV customers who are connected on VDSL2 will now receive the V5 decoder; existing Belgacom TV customers can purchase it for €225 (incl. VAT).

The Wi-Fi Bridge

The successor of the Ruckus (the wireless connection between the modem and the TV decoder).

This next-generation Wi-Fi technology consists of a transmitter (bridge), which is now integrated into the new b-box 3, and a receiver (Wi-Fi customer) to be connected to the Belgacom TV decoder, the Wi-Fi Bridge.

A less expensive, more energy-efficient solution. One device costs €50, and two devices cost €80.