Hamilton County Communications switches to APMAX middleware

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
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Illinois Coop Improves DVR Experience with Innovative Systems, L.L.C.’s APMAX Middleware

DAHLGREN, IL — The decision by Hamilton County Communications to switch to the APMAX Middleware solution was made in an effort to improve the customer experience. Dissatisfaction with their previous vendor’s DVR functionality was the primary driver according to HCC’s IPTV Administrator, Steve Drenner.

According to Drenner, “Given the significant importance of the DVR in the subscribers home, we felt having the best functionality available is critical in competing with DBS and in our opinion the Innovative solution will help us achieve that goal.” Drenner added, “Common sense features like having folders for individual storage of programs for mom, dad and the kids are the kind of things that we can now give to our customers and once they have a cool feature like that it will be harder for them to switch to a provider who doesn’t have it

Drenner also refers to apps and program guide features that they didn’t previously have like the Weather App with the APMAX Weather Plus service. According to Drenner, “People really like the ability to go back in time on the program guide to find new record times for programs that they have missed.”

On the subscriber management side, Drenner says they have had positive and quick resolution in customer service configurations. In one case a customer was having trouble turning on the closed captions and the HCC CSR was able to use the APMAX Virtual Remote to solve the issue without sending out a service truck. Drenner goes on to say that this feature alone will definitely reduce their annual expenses and allow for quicker resolution for customer service issues.