Sigma Designs HomePlugAV chosen by 'yes' for VoD and multi-room

Monday, August 5th, 2013
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Sigma Designs’ patented powerline technology proves to be robust in “noisy” wired networks

MILPITAS, California — Sigma Designs® (Nasdaq: SIGM), a leading provider of System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions for home entertainment, control, connectivity and converging multimedia delivery announced that ‘yes’, an Israeli satellite provider has chosen Sigma Designs, to help strengthen their video-on-demand and multi-room customer solutions.

yes, which delivers HPNA solutions in nearly half a million homes, and HPAV solutions in homes where HPNA could not be installed, is dedicated to delivering superior content, with high picture and sound quality to its end users. Until recently, yes has been using a standard HPAV powerline solution to deliver content throughout customers’ homes. Now, however, the need for reliable performance in a video-on-demand and multi-room environment has become more critical than ever. yes sought to provide reliable coverage to all outlets, which could support HD streaming video and data communications, in noisy home environments where a high number of appliances were being used simultaneously. These conditions require technical robustness and consistent performance under changing channel conditions with no degradation in quality of service or user experience over time. Following extensive in-home evaluations, yes concluded that Sigma Designs’ HPAV with ClearPath technology was the winning solution.

Sigma Designs’ ClearPath technology was selected to provide multi-room services in a more reliable way in homes and rooms where HPNA cannot be installed. ClearPath utilizes the ground wire in a home’s electric infrastructure. Israeli homes have three electrical phases, and conventional HPAV does not work when connected to different phases. ClearPath technology is able to work on multiple phases, thanks to its ability to utilize common neutral and ground wires on all power outlets.

“We here at yes are dedicated to delivering high definition over the top (OTT) content to our customers,” shared Itzhak Elyakim, VP Engineering & CTO at yes. “Our choice to use Sigma Designs’ was simple, we choose Sigma Designs because their HPAV solution with ClearPath will ensure that our customers enjoy uninterrupted HD content anywhere in their homes.”

Sigma Designs’s HPAV with ClearPath is a patented technology designed to address interference issues with these technical advantages:

  • Ultra range coverage
  • Robust in noisy electrical environments
  • Better user experience
  • Works over power strips
  • Works over multiple phases
  • Adapts to changing channel conditions
  • Works with surge protectors
  • Backwards compatible with devices that do not support ClearPath

“We understand that yes was looking for a more robust solution to deliver content throughout the homes of their customers. That is quite challenging in noisy home environments, especially in homes with multiple phases,” said Gabi Hilevitz, Sigma Designs’ vice president and general manager Home Connectivity business unit. “That is exactly why we have created our ClearPath solution. It was designed with operators in mind who are looking for robust solutions for these challenging home environments.”