OTE (OTE TV and RomTelecom) results to end-June 2013

Thursday, August 8th, 2013
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ATHENS, Greece — Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA (ASE: HTO; OTC MARKET: HLTOY), the Greek full-service telecommunications provider, today announced consolidated results (prepared under IFRS and reviewed by the auditors) for the quarter and six months ended June 30, 2013.

Fixed Line Operations, Greece

  • Crisis significantly affecting FTA channels’ capacity to acquire new premium content, opening the way for Pay TV expansion
  • The switching-off of analog TV services (July’12) helped in new customer additions

OTE experienced strong growth of its TV offering. As of June 30, 2013, total TV subscribers amounted to 175K, an increase of 26K in the quarter and nearly 99K compared to June 30, 2012. All of the increase has been coming from the company’s satellite TV service, while IPTV subscriber numbers have remained stable. The service’s rich content, expanded to include British Premier League coverage in the second half of the year, should continue to fuel its growth and market share gains in the Greek pay TV market.

                                       Jun 30, 2013  Jun 30, 2012   Change
                                       ------------  ------------  -------
OTE TV Subscribers (IPTV & Satellite)       174,964        76,345  +129.2%

Fixed Line Operations, Romania

  • Tough competitive environment with cable-TV and mobile operators offering bundled products at lower prices

In Q2’13, RomTelecom continued to partly offset lower revenues from voice (-16.7%) and wholesale (-5.5%) with increased revenues from TV (+10.5%) and Internet services (+5%).

Compared to the year-earlier level, the total number of RomTelecom broadband customers rose by 5% at the end of Q2’13, reflecting organic subscriber acquisitions. As a result, broadband penetration as a percentage of total RomTelecom voice connections stood to 54%. With similar penetration rates (57%), TV subscribers rose by 7.3% compared to the end of Q2’12. Both of these developments represent significant advances in RomTelecom’s ability to defend its customer base despite the increased competitive pressure. The urban footprint of CATV continued to expand in the second quarter, allowing more households in major Romanian cities to gain access to RomTelecom TV offering.

                                       Jun 30, 2013  Jun 30, 2012   Change
                                       ------------  ------------  -------
TV subscribers (DTH, IPTV & Cable)        1,295,888     1,207,461    +7.3%