Entropic completes integration of Cryptography Research CryptoFirewall security cores

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014
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CryptoFirewall™ Cores Now Available in Entropic Set-Top Box System-on-a-Chip Solutions to Help Secure Digital Content

LAS VEGAS — International Consumer Electronics Show — Entropic (Nasdaq:ENTR), a world leader in semiconductor solutions for the connected home and Cryptography Research, Inc. (CRI), a division of Rambus Inc. (Nasdaq:RMBS), today announced Entropic has completed the integration of the Cryptography Research CryptoFirewall™ security core technology into its advanced line of multimedia set-top box (STB) system-on-a-chip (SoC) products. By incorporating CRI’s technology into its SoCs, Entropic can help ensure its products protect against signal theft and content piracy.

Entropic’s ARM®-based advanced STB SoC solutions are designed for hybrid broadcast/IP pay TV networks to provide security, best-in-class integration, features, and ecosystem support required by leading global pay TV operators. By natively embedding the CryptoFirewall core into its silicon hardware, Entropic adds a hardened security implementation with silicon-based key management, a private bus for key delivery, and extra logic for specific conditional access and digital rights management (DRM) systems.

“Entropic is committed to enabling the secure distribution of premium programming via cable, satellite, broadband, IPTV, and OTT platforms,” said Matt Rhodes, senior vice president, Global Marketing at Entropic. “By working with the engineering team at Cryptography Research, we were able to design and integrate the CryptoFirewall security cores into our advanced security architecture for a higher level of content protection.”

The CryptoFirewall core is a self-contained ASIC security core which provides a secure hardware foundation for signal security applications. The core is designed to protect cryptographic keys and computations within a chip even if surrounding components are compromised. The CryptoFirewall core is integrated directly into video decoding SoCs. It provides a robust and cost-effective solution that is complementary with hardware and software-based conditional access solutions, protecting against piracy of content and services.

“Entropic has taken an important step in integrating our CryptoFirewall core into its multimedia STB chipsets,” said Benjamin Jun, vice president and chief technology officer at Cryptography Research. “Through the implementation of a secure hardware core, Entropic has illustrated its responsiveness to the evolving security requirements of the pay TV industry.”


Entropic SoC products embedded with the CRI CryptoFirewall technology include the advanced single-core STB SoC family, EN753x/EN754x/EN755x, and the powerful dual-core STB SoC line, EN757x/EN758x.