Digital TV in 82% of Dutch households

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

According to the 2013 Media Standard Survey (MSS) produced by TNS-NIPO for Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO), the primary provider of official television audience ratings in the Netherlands, digital television is now in 82% of Dutch households, up from 76% in 2012. The increase was due to growth in digital TV via cable, IPTV and fibre. The number of households receiving digital terrestrial television fell from 11% to 9%.

The percentage of Dutch households with a hard disk-based set-top box grew to 20%. In 2013 pentration of DVD recorders with built-in hard drive declined from 20% to 16%, while ownership of standalone disk recorders remained static.

The percentage of households with a TV with access to the Internet increased significantly from 11% to 17%.

Dutch household penetration 2013

One or more TVs                97.6%
Analog cable                   33.9%
Digital cable receiver         53.8%
Satellite                       5.5%
Digitenne (DTT)                 9.4%
Internet TV receiver           10.4%
Fibre                          10.7%
Total digital reception        82.0%

Equipment connected to TV:
 Video recorder                20.0%
 DVD player/Blu-Ray Player     57.8%
 DVD recorder without HDD      12.7%
 DVD recorder with HDD         15.9%
 Standalone DVR (without DVD)   4.7%
 STB with DVR                  20.3%
 TV with built-in recorder      3.3%
 Total Video Recorder          36.9%
 Total DVD-R/HDD-recorder      40.8%