Alticast's AltiCaptor Blu-ray Disc Solution Integrated in HitachiSoft Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD Universal Player Platform

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
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SEOUL, Korea — Alticast, the worldwide leader in embedded, interactive technologies, today announced its AltiCaptor Blu-ray™ Disc Java (BDJ) solution was selected by Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd. (HitachiSoft) for its future Blu-ray Disc customers. HitachiSoft will work closely with Alticast to deliver Blu-ray Disc technology for their customer’s Universal Player designs based on Broadcom® chipset solutions.

AltiCaptor BDJ, based on the same core software that powers over 4 million television receiver boxes around the world, has been developed to run on industry-leading hardware platforms, like the Broadcom BCM7440 SoC Solution. These powerful hardware and software combinations provide high performance, turnkey solutions for developing Blu-ray Disc devices quickly, assuring a time-to-market advantage.

“HitachiSoft represents another strategic win for Alticast’s Blu-ray Disc solutions,” said Jeffrey Bonin, Vice President and General Manager of Alticast. “HitachiSoft’s excellent reputation in the Japanese consumer electronics industry will certainly lead to best-of-breed consumer products.”

HitachiSoft provides engineering and integration services to a number of consumer electronics manufacturers. HitachiSoft intends to deliver a core platform for Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD Universal Players on a single-operating-system to manufacturers, a first in the industry. “Together with Alticast, we have a software partner that we can rely on to bring a well qualified product to our customers,” said Mikito Ogata, Deputy Group Executive for HitachiSoft. “We integrate Alticast’s AltiCaptor Blu-ray Disc Java solution on the Broadcom chipset to provide our customers, with a real time-to-market advantage.”