Alticast to Bring OpenCable Platform Solutions to Intel Consumer Electronics Platforms

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
Alticast logo

SEOUL, South Korea — Alticast, the global leader in deployed DVB-MHP and OpenCable™ Platform products, announced today that it will enable OpenCable platform solutions on future Intel system-on-a-chip (SoC) products for consumer electronics.

Alticast’s OpenCable Platform middleware solution, AltiCaptor, is currently deployed in digital cable, satellite and broadcast receivers around the world, with over 5 million deployed devices in consumer’s homes. The Globally Executable MHP (GEM)-based architecture of AltiCaptor provides a convenient roadmap to support multiple technologies based on GEM for digital media and high-definition video products beyond the cable set-top box.

“We are excited about Intel’s commitment to support OpenCable through its collaboration with Alticast and the rest of the cable industry,” said Jeffrey Bonin, General Manager and Vice President of Alticast. “As the OpenCable Platform continues to mature, we expect that our solution will accelerate the introduction of new device features for the cable operators, and ultimately the end users.”

“Intel is strongly committed to providing leading-edge products that bolster continued innovation for cable TV,” said William O. Leszinske, Jr., general manager, Intel’s Consumer Electronics Group. “With the growing consumer demand for digitally delivered entertainment, Intel plans to support a wide range of technologies for digital media devices with our SoC products.”

The Intel SoC design will incorporate many features and standards, in addition to the AltiCaptor middleware, that will dramatically reduce time-to-market for CE manufacturers targeting North American cable markets. The combined solution will equip digital media products with expanded entertainment experiences that will continue to attract more viewers.