ALBtelecom launches ALB TV IPTV service in Albania

Monday, April 14th, 2014
ALBtelecom logo

ALBtelecom has announced the launch of its ALB TV IPTV service in Albania

Speaking on Vizion Plus TV program “30 Minuta”, Mrs. Floreta Zhulali said “The ALB TV platform brings many novelties, but I would mention only a few key points: It is entirely interactive; you may “pause” something and watch it later or create a personal library of programs to watch whenever you wish. Also, it can be used to talk to your loved ones; now you can talk to them through your TV!

Customers can be completely sure that there will be no internet problems with ALB-TV as it runs on a separate line from the one used for the internet package customers may have at home; therefore it doesn’t affect the quality of their internet service. This unique service enables a family to receive three services with a single subscription: Telephony, Internet and TV. And what is more important and absolutely extraordinary is that with the same subscription, each member of the family may choose to watch whatever they want from any device in the house: TV, PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone, all simultaneously, without affecting the excellent quality of the service content and high resolution display. Furthermore, parents will have full controlling access to the contents their children watch, and can set properties to inappropriate programs. This is a solution for every Albanian Family.”

Mrs. Zhulali concluded by saying that this service has been successfully implemented in Korçë and Pogradec, where the sales figures are unprecedented and the received feedback is highly positive, and within this summer the service will cover the entire country.