NEOTION launches solutions to synchronise second screen devices

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

NEOTION launches BlueBridge Synchro! Two solutions to synchronise second screen devices

AUBAGNE — NEOTION’s BlueBridge Synchro! technology allows Broadcasters and Operators to allow their viewers (through mobile app) to automatically synchronise their second screen devices such as a mobile or tablet with the live content on the main TV screen. The system allows the application on any mobile device to automatically recognize the content being viewed on the main TV screen without requiring the user to manually enter or search for web sites or Apps linked to the program.

The BlueBridge Synchro! offer proposes two different solutions:

  • BlueBridge Synchro! Live” solution fingerprints TV streams in real-time and enables Tablet or Smartphone applications to identify automatically and quickly which TV Channel the viewer is watching on.
  • BlueBridge Synchro! Spot” solution enables Tablet or Smartphone Applications to recognize Advertising, a TV program, a theme tune, Music Clip video or any short audio content broadcast through the TV channel.

These two automatic recognition solutions proposed by BlueBridge Synchro! enable a wealth of use cases in which mobile application will synchronise with Live TV to activate specific content, enhance advertising through interactivity or incentivised adverts, instant voting, programme recommendations, measurements, fully complementary to the main TV screen.

BlueBridge Synchro! finally bridges the gap between the main Screen TV and the Social Media world, allowing advertising and many other services (through synchronisation) to be extended from the main screen to social media.

BlueBridge Synchro! creates a multi-screen viewing experience enabling Broadcasters and Operators or application editors to extend television programs, advertisements and all types of TV content to the 2nd screen and beyond!, with automatic and full synchronisation.

The two BlueBridge Synchro! Live & Spot solutions are already available.

Visit NEOTION booth at ANGA COM, Level 10.2 booth #J36, for BlueBridge Synchro! Live and Spot demonstrations.