TrueVisions subscribers down 17,000 in 1Q 2014

Thursday, May 15th, 2014
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True Corporation PLC has released results for the first quarter of 2014.


TrueVisions’ service revenue decreased 10.2% QoQ on a seasonal decline in advertising revenues and 9.7% YoY to Bt 2.4 bn due to lower subscription and installation revenues following weakening economy and political uncertainty. Nevertheless, the decline in subscription revenue became more stabilized.

TrueVisions’ customer base was 2.4 mn at the end of 1Q14 while ARPU declined to Bt 774 in 1Q14 from Bt 802 in 4Q13 due to a change in subscriber mix with higher proportion of standard customers following positive response to the Group’s convergence campaigns.

In April, TrueVisions acquired the two digital terrestrial TV licenses for news and variety channels and started trial broadcasting these channels, the “TNN 24” and “True4U”, in the same month. Meanwhile, the business continued to enhance its portfolio with more top international and local content. This puts TrueVisions in a strong position to capture growth from the digital TV roll out while broadening its marketing opportunity to broadcast its content to a larger audience.

TrueVisions customers (000s):

                         4Q12   1Q13   2Q13   3Q13   4Q13   1Q14
                        -----  -----  -----  -----  -----  -----
Total                   2,042  2,175  2,274  2,368  2,371  2,354
 Premium                  435    429    393    360    343    327
 Standard                 308    312    340    387    419    450
 Free View                564    616    683    741    740    700
 Free to air box          735    816    859    881    870    876