AirConsole casual gaming for TrueID TV Box users in Thailand

Monday, May 3rd, 2021
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TrueID TV Is Partnering With AirConsole To Offer Unique Gaming Experiences For TrueID TV Users

  • First in the market to turn your smartphones into gamepads, and your TV screens into a console
  • Share happiness at home instantly through multiplayer games using your smartphone and your TrueID TV Box
  • Unlock hundreds of games with the premium subscription, AirConsole Hero

ZURICH — AirConsole expands its footprint in the APAC zone with a new partnership in Thailand. AirConsole have partnered with the leader in integrated digital services, True Digital Group, the digital arm of Thailand’s fully-integrated digital telecommunications service provider, True Corporation Public Company Limited, where AirConsole would become their casual gaming solution for their Android TV ecosystem.

“Thailand is an important market for AirConsole in the APAC region, thus we are glad to partner up with an innovative player like True Digital Group,” says Anthony Cliquot, COO and Head of Strategic Partnership Development at AirConsole. “It is yet another Android TV partnership with a leading telecom operator in this region that will help us raise more product awareness and grow our footprint.” AirConsole has also recently announced many exciting partnerships with big players, from big telecom operators to hardware manufacturers, giving them instant access to millions of living rooms worldwide. This, along with the Covid lockdowns, has created a significant spike in their global footprint.

“AirConsole is a great fit innovation for our market and can bring value to our TrueID TV users with an accessible source of gaming entertainment by turning their smartphone into game controllers to play AirConsole games on the TrueID TV,” says Marco Guida, Chief Revenue Officer of True Digital Group. True Digital believes that gaming is changing the way people socialise nowadays, and by adding AirConsole to their list of available gaming services, they address a growing need from their TrueID TV users to play games on the TV without gamepads and, without a TV remote control, on a console fully translated in Thai. True Digital will become the first digital service provider in Thailand that enables a digital lifestyle in experiencing hardware-free games on TVs. This innovation is enabled by the AirConsole gaming system that transforms its users’ smartphones into gamepads.

AirConsole, the Netflix-like gaming platform, includes a large variety of games across various genres to ensure that there is something for everyone. The casual games on the platforms are best played in a multiplayer set up, and allow gamers and non gamers alike to spend a good time together on the TV. The complete library of games can be accessed by purchasing their premium subscription, AirConsole Hero. All Thai users will be able to subscribe to AirConsole using their app store purchase from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.